Top 10 Highest Paid Tech Jobs In Nigeria 2021| The Bulb Africa

Top 10 Highest Paid Tech Jobs In Nigeria 2021| The Bulb Africa

It is clear from the enormous amount of job openings in the tech industry that the industry is…


  1. They don’t even earn much

  2. Please what do you mean by "Tech Jobs" ? I really can't understand Nigerians. Talking about what they don't really understand. Tech stand for Technology. Technologies are generally developed by engineers using established science principles, mathematics, economics etc.

    Tech ( short form for technology) includes construction tech, manufacturing tech electronics tech, information and communication technology.

    The owner of this channel should please say he is talking about Information and communication technology not "Tech" .

    Brandishing all these Nigerian "cool words" just go on to show how ignorance we are in this part of the world.

  3. 4m naira a year? That's not a lot of money though 🤔

  4. I love you man you're so straight to the point and clear

  5. The info I enjoyed. The dancing, not so much. Thank you

  6. Where did you put product designers?

  7. What types of jobs Can students who have yet to graduate can apply for ?

  8. How do I learn this skills in the Bulb?

  9. What about AI or Machine Learning developers and Cybersecurity experts?

  10. You've just earned yourself a subscriber. Your energy is definitely contagious

  11. Awesome video just saw your videos displayed on my home page
    Love your Contents, see you on your next upload

  12. Are frontend developer not software developers. I mean is there any obvious difference

  13. ​ @The Bulb Africa is this fellowship program for a fee and are the successful applicants going to be accommodated in your facility? please i need to know more about this fellowship program.

  14. When is the program starting
    I would love to kick start a tech careeer

  15. I have subscribed already.
    Yay 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
    I am eagerly anticipating the fellowship program at The Bulb

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