Top 10 African Movies to Watch this Holiday Season

Top 10 African Movies to Watch this Holiday Season

Top 10 African Movies to Watch this Holiday Season to Give you the African Spirit

Thank you for watching 2nacheki which means ‘We Are…


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  1. Great list, I've watched 8 of the movies, will have to watch the other 2, also Half a yellow Sun, Azali and Citation are good movies, The Africa Doctor is also good,

  2. Here are some more good south african movies
    – district 9
    – chappie
    – long walk to freedom
    – Jerusalema
    – material
    – skin
    – invictus
    – cry freedom
    – blood diamond

  3. Love it that you label Black Panther as Diaspora 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Let's add Coming to Africa to the list its on Amazon Prime ,Google play and Apple TV

  5. All blacks must return to Africa and start a revolution on the world and proclaim our country and history

  6. Seen half of them already. Glad for the suggestions. Can't wait to see the rest!

  7. Thank you. This is much appreciated!

  8. I saw the movie Sarafina…so good. I'll be watching Black Panther and others for sure…

  9. Please can I get the song that's playing on the back ground , what is the name

  10. "Who Killed Captain Alex" is incredible given how it was directed, filmed, and edited in a rural Ugandan village with a budget of next to nothing. You can subscribe to the Wakaliwood channel here on youtube who made the movie and see some of the other films they made over the years.

  11. Interesting I wonder if some of the other movies on this list have an English version because I hate sub titles black peoples in America would looove this because it’s rare to see our own kind in a lead role that doesn’t fall into some sort of trope or stereotype

  12. So excited😀 I've seen most of these movies already. Please continue to forward more AFRICAN movies, I love my people!! 🇯🇲Thanks for sharing🤗

  13. Sooo “The Queen’s Gambit” is just a white, Americanized version of “The Queen of Katwe”

  14. Lol the Ugandan action movie tho. Looks a lot like the Indian ones

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  16. Aussie subscriber here – I’ve seen 7 of these movies and quite a few more Afro movies. Love my afro friends 🤙🏽

  17. 10. Supa Modo
    9. Queen of Katwe
    8. The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind
    7. Lionhearted
    6. Toyoti
    5. Who Killed Capt. Alex
    4. Sarafina
    3. Atlantic
    2. Black Panther
    1. The Wedding Party

  18. I think you missed 'PERFECT PICTURE' a Ghanaian story of 3 friends. Ifs a gr8 movie from sparrow productions and can be found on Netflix and here on YouTube

  19. 10) Super Modo
    9)Queen of Katwe
    8) The boy who harnessed the wind.
    7)Lion Heart
    5)Who killed captain X
    2)Black Panther
    1)The Wedding Party

    You welcome 😉😉❤️❤️

  20. Queen of Katwe…♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️

  21. #5 😂😂 you gotta embarrass Uganda like that?

  22. I'm so watching these, i remember my mom used to have the vhs of Sarafina, thanks for the awesome list y'all

  23. Interesting perspective. I personally would have moved up Lionheart and Sarafina because Black Panther is fiction. Think about it when we say American movies no one is calling BatMan or SpiderMan or Hunger Games. JUST food for thought.

  24. ❤💓 the greatest joy i have in this world is that i am from AFRICA my father's land.

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  26. Awesome video(!), I wouldn't change a thing(!)(.)

  27. You read my dang mind (awesome video icon image, for this video). SPEAK.

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