1. Thankfully, Tinubu is now Nigeria's most despised politician. And it is the Yoruba masses who despise him most.

    Why is Tinubu so universally despised? (PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO POINT NUMBER 10 & 20)

    1/ corruption (alphabeta-ism)

    2/ nepotism & winner-takes-all mentality (iyaloja-ism)

    3/ selfishness (emilokan-ism)

    4/ imperial tendency (Bourdilon-lionism)

    5/ alliance with the murderous Fulani and refusal to speak up when Fulani commit havoc (where-is-the-cow-ism)

    6/ Tinubu ambition is to finish what Buhari started (Buhari-nism)

    7/ tout-centered “structure” – Tinubu is the “capone” behind the license held by touts/area boys/agbero to extort, murder and terrorize in the entire SW. (mcoluomo-ism)

    8/ illness (atole-ism and pseudo-Parkinsonism)

    9/ insensitivity (Muslim-only ticket-ism) TINUBU WIN EQUALS 24YRS OF CONTINUOUS ISLAMIC PRESIDENCY (God forbid BAT thing.)

    10/ Tinubu and his henchmen have turned Lagos into a massive slum and Africa's least liveable city (Global Liveability Index). The fact that Lagos as the "fifth largest economy" is Africa's worst city demonstrates just how severely Tinubu and his cronies have mismanaged Lagos. (master of waste).

    11/ Tinubu’s political patronage depends on blood money. Visit govt hospitals in Lagos; all without power, drugs and equipment, because Lagos budget disappears into the pockets of Tinubu and his henchmen (criminal capture of public funds)

    12/ vote buying and readiness to rig and play dirty (bullion-van politics)

    13/ shady past as Yekini Amoda Ogunlere aka Sangodele (Sangodele-ism)

    14/ He aided and abetted the mass murder of EndSARS youth (Lekki tollgate-ism)

    15/ He is the candidate of a party which produced Nigeria's worst govt ever (malignant continuity)

    16/ Tinubu was a heroin bagman for a heroin drug ring in Chicago, USA. The U.S court asked him to forfeit about half a million dollars to the U.S. govt at the time. (international criminality)

    17/ Tinubu has no proof (direct or indirect) he attended St. John's Pry School, Aroloya or Govt College Ibadan or Chicago State Uni. A man who attended school in colonial days would never use 'a egg' when talking about giving school pupils 'an egg' a day. Where are his classmates from pry, sec school and uni? Did he attend lectures ONLINE? If so he was ahead of the times. (Oluwole-ism).

    18/ Tinubu has no agenda for Nigeria, except to be its President (flagrant cluelessness)

    19/ Tinubu's plan for Nigerian youth is to conscript 50 million into the army and feed them agbado (corn) and beans (ewa) in twice-daily rations (youth-unfriendliness)

    20/ Tinubu’s threat that Obi-dients will labour to death, should not be taken metaphorically. Under Tinubu’s ascendancy, the SW is the ONE & ONLY zone in Nigeria where governorship aspirants are murdered before election – Funsho Williams of Lagos, Chief Dele Arojo of Ogun State, Otunba Dipo Dina of Ogun, Dr. Deji Daramola of Ekiti. EACH OF THE FOUR VICTIMS WAS A PDP CANDIDATE SET TO DEFEAT TINUBU’S CANDIDATE. Some claim that Isiaka Adeleke (Davido’s uncle; Osun State) was also “deleted”. If Kogi's Prince Audu was also murdered; the beneficiary of his death would have been James Faleke (Tinubu’s campaign manager)!. (do-or-die politics)

    21/ Because of Tinubu's selfish and disruptive politics, the Yoruba are the only one of Nigeria's three major ethnic groups without a common front like Ohaneze in the East or ACF in the North. (divide-and-rule politics)

    22/ Unlike Tinubu, omoluabi Yoruba know that next President should come from SE.

    I would not wish the Tribulations of a Tinubu leadership on a nation full of my enemies. Tinubu is so unpopular, that he will not win the polling booth in front of his house, without rigging or voter manipulation. If in spite of Tinubu's antecedents you still support him, "then the man has died in you" (according to WS).

    I laugh when people are still asking questions on who to support and vote for in the next general election. It is immoral to sit on the fence in this election. Let me expose your mind a little.

  2. Most people commenting on rubbish on this channel don't have common sense ..What the Jagaba of Africa is saying there is very very deep .

  3. U are all fools with all going on in the country u can't defend the pple u want to govern, u can't get there in fact Yoruba nation 💯

  4. Go put yourself for Aso rock without voting.

  5. It's your turn to end it like MKO. Good luck to you.

  6. U are a liar, u are wasting your time and money, although you are giving back to the people you steals from. Iwo ko lo kan, ooooole. U want to pocket Nigerian as you destroyed Lagos state? God will reward you for the death of those young boys and girls you murdered in cold blood. U won the primary with the stolen money, you and your All Promises Cancelled will surely regret, every family that lost his or her children in the Lekki toll gate will vote you, don't expect miracle that you will win the Nigerian presidential election, i can assure you that if you win the Military will certainly come in and flush all of you out.
    I don't think there will be any election in Nigeria, there will be agitation, Yoruba nation is what a well meaning Oduduwa son's and daughters want, not elections. Thieftinubu stop wasting your time and stolen money, All we want is to your tent oh Israel

  7. Hai anna iam Nagendar Anna na age 42 QUINZAA.Monster qualification m.l.t medical lab technicianv ,Srpt lo jobs unte cheppagalaru anna.with govt Jobs

  8. Is it your family properties

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