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  1. Tinubu is being strategic by inviting OBI.He will be sworn as president.2. His response to OBI court application is weak.3 Its unfortunate that ppl dnt realise that there is no life there.Let the man rest this presidency will literally be the death of him.

  2. Fool, can you fools present your own medical records to check various afflictions in your lives.

  3. Pompous Money is with you daddy


  5. This woman is stupid if you put it on Facebook, so what, you are separated, whatever he is doing with his life is no business of your. Woman, stop embarrassing yourself.

  6. That guy is very wrong, family is not necessarily blood related, don’t forget people do have extended family, like when you hear people say third forth even fifth generation, most of us from Africa we have this thing called kindred, and when you go to that meeting is called family meeting, but if do a blood test with those people you meet in that meeting, i bet you will not get all of them blood related to you, yes you can not change your biological parents, but you can choose who you call family.

  7. Mumu talk,so your mama no be your family because your Papa marry am as a wife

  8. Your blood and your wife blood together have the child you have .blood or no blood family is not blood only

  9. Family is not about blood oh

  10. If you say your wife is not your family, then your children are not your children. Using that logic, their mother is not their father's family, so therefore, you cannot claim your father is your father since you said the woman who came to marry a man cannot be the man's family. What a stupid generation! This goes on & on into every woman that came from your family lineage. Because technically, with that logic…the woman- your wife- the mother of your children should be the only outcast in the family. There goes the story of your sisters, aunties, mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers etc. You can't claim your mother who is technically your father's wife (& should not be his family) and then reject your wife who is the mother of your children…Life is a merry go round; just because we think it doesn't mean the cycle of life operates like that. It's why i don't do stupid people b/c they bore me to death with their stupidity. Then, you blame the woman when your marriage crashes, but you came into marriage treating her like an outcast b/c in your head, she is not your family. Treat your wives well, so that others will treat your sisters & daughters well. Life is what you make of it!

  11. If a man doesn't want to be with you, just let him go. All this drama is unnecessary. I am not supporting cheating though.

  12. I thought once couples are separated each is free to date but can't marry until divorce is finalised. 22 yrs of marriage, where she had been abused according to her, so why be thankful to God for life and let the abuser go? God has better plan for everyone.

  13. There are divorces after 40 years of marriage. A lot of couples are living as strangers in the home. Stranger things are happening. in every divorce both parties are at fault.
    This woman in the video is seriously pained sha

  14. The guy is right when you really think about it. Your wife is not your family she can only earns that family part is she grows old with you.

  15. I guess that woman will refuse to sign divorce papers to keep the marriage hanging and not allow him marry the next woman.

  16. going by your logic every human being get two family be that. your mama family and your papa family. family is not only by blood

  17. This thing called marriage is a business contract between two people ooooo. That piece of paper is no love guarantee. 'Love' is different from 'marriage'.

    Just negodu how this woman is embarrassing herself and the husband, she says they are separated, wetin that one mean for English biko, una no dey same house again na game over na.

    If as you say Oga dey abuse you for 22yrs, why you dey trail am to GF house? Who in their right senses wants to be with an abuser??

    In my own mind and observation from this video, this aunty na handful.

    People understand one thing clearly, once there is a disconnect in your relationship with your partner just take a walk, there are billions or men and women out there for you to meet your match, do not stay in anything unhealthy for sentiment, if you have to marry 4x to find peace, feel free.

    All this shouting and bulabaaa I watch so, no need. I wonder if anyone in their right senses after this kind of video would go back and settle with an estranged spouse and if they do, can the so called 'marriage' ever be normal?

    Tueeeeeeeh. 'Marriage' no be love, marriage na legal commitment wen only make sense when two pple are friends and and 'in love' with each other, or two people that have a business understanding and know they can play their functional roles mechanically for benefits, for 100s of years.

  18. I was married for 20 years and been divorced. What I came to understand is the fact that once you allow 3 parties interference that relationship is doomed.

  19. Some people just wait for the children to grow up they live like co tenants many marriage like this . But if he has been abusing you for 22 years be happy and move on

  20. That lady is just embarrassing herself. 22 years you’ve been married, you are now separated to get a divorce, what he does relationship wise is none of her business. Clearly he wasn’t a faithful husband to her, sounds like with this same lady, let her have him. He might do the same to her too. No need to record the situation, go home, cry and thank God.

  21. I concur😂 your wife is not your family✊️

  22. GOD said within these lines …. a man shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one. If this man doesn't understand what marriage is about its sad!

  23. May 29th this is the WhatsApp group 2 years anniversary 🎉

  24. Una brother na Buhari na, u see say una president useless

  25. That guy should have balanced his argument by also saying your husband is also not your family!

  26. If we hear the man side of the story now … some women you beg them to calm down in the marriage they will not listen.

  27. Mad people everywhere…obi should never ever go to that inauguration.. it will read many and deep signs and negativity to him and to obidients

  28. APC keeps packaging old and tired men. That was how we got Buhari. Sending an invitation to Peter Obi is an insult.

  29. Welcome back to our channel and thanks Abraham 👍💯

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