Threatened with ARREST in SOMALIA? 🇸🇴 (life after Somaliland)

Threatened with ARREST in SOMALIA? 🇸🇴 (life after Somaliland)

Somailand/Somalia – I answer your questions on my time in Somaliland as I have been bombarded…


  1. Somaliland will always be your second home mate ❤️

  2. Somaliland is not part of Somalia

  3. Sᴏᴍᴀʟɪ ᴀɴᴅ sᴏᴍᴀʟɪʟᴀɴᴅ ᴡʜᴏ ɪs ʙᴇᴛᴛᴇʀ

  4. 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️I would had token that dog with me it looks like no one owns that dog often dogs in africa are free animals running in the street alone with no body the same thing with my country Nigeria they don’t think that dogs are hause pets

  5. North somalia is almost safe these cities hargaisa boorama las anod burco those cities located in north somalia

  6. Somaliland is separated from Somalia 🇸🇴. They got their own president and their own people but we all Somali. Both Somalia and somaliland speak somali language.

  7. Somaliland is a country with it’s own functioning government, it’s own currency and ministers and its own everything regardless off the fact that it may not be recognised we as Somaliland are independent. We also welcome you anytime and thank you for helping spread awareness. Somaliland is your second home 🏡 💙

  8. Been to Somaililand the same time as you went and its very
    Safe went to the countryside Burao second largest city and laas anod and the Somalia/somailand border!

  9. My friend Hergeasa the capital two of somali really Mogadishu the capital one of somali Hergeasa the capital of somali my friend

  10. Somalind parti of somali for example puntiland jubaland and somalind sim mummbear of somali my friend

  11. Thank you for your soporting bro 💯🧡🙏

  12. Welcome somaliland peaceful enjoy

  13. brothar Thank you and I hope you will come back to us again♥️

  14. Somaliland is country is not state of somaliya somalind is land is very peaceful . Thank you. You will teach the country is the somaliland is not country . Long live

  15. Wait so did you know who’s dog it was or where it was from?

  16. Somaliland my country my peoples my clans 💚🤍❤🙏🏽⚘⚘ guul ebidkaga

  17. Republic of Somaliland is peace full

  18. Are you going to Pakistan? It will be amazing, its different from Bangladesh and India, almost everyone over there is very respectful and generous but still there are many dangerous ppl, like everywhere around the world.
    Btw I'm not a Pakistani 😁
    U can also link up with amjad through Instagram and he will definitely help you visit best places.
    Much Love ☝🏼😍 take care

  19. Were did you goo , you are no were to be seen

  20. Why are you not uploading

  21. Beautiful. Great content my man.

  22. We are waiting for your new contents! Anyways how are you?

  23. Hey bro do you still remember me? Im the one who you met at cox'x bazar

  24. You do look like James bond 😂

  25. How do you pay for all your travel?

  26. Somaliland is Somalia and Somalia is Somaliland be careful what you say white boy!!

  27. Small rectification on the so-called "somaliland", name given in the past by the former colonizer of the time to this part of Somalia. Certainly Somali is the name of the people; in 100% Somali Somalia, in Ethiopia 18% Somali (Ogaden region also unique oil region and second city of the country "Dir Dawa") in Kenia 8% Somali, three provinces [Madera, Wajir and Garisa] and finally Djbouti 65% Somali, two and a half provinces [30% of the district of Dikhil, 100% of the district of Ali-Sabieh and finally the district of the capital which also bears the name of the country 95% ….
    So now here is our misery, an unprecedented political crisis due to the multitude of tribes that make up this Somali ethnic group and one of them named Isaaq is precisely behind the secessionist project of so-called Somaliland.
    In this same territory other tribe live there and lay more land than the separatist Isaaq like the Dhulbahante [sub clan of Darode (Darode which is the absolute majority on all Somali lands) provinces: Cayn 100%, Sool 98 %, Sanaag 30%], Warsangali [sub clan Darode (province: Sanaag 40%)], Gadaboursi province: Awdal 97%, Issa province: Awdal 3% …
    As you can see a single armed tribe terrorizes and forces the others to follow them and leave Somalia.
    This same separatist clan (Isaaq) is arming itself by asking for international aid.
    If the African Union or the international community has the recklessness to recognize a tribe as sovereign country, the generalized chaos and misery that will reign in northern Somalia, which until now was relatively calm, will be under the total responsibility of these latter…
    Imagine if every African clan became a sovereign nation ….

  28. wow that's crazy I subscribed to you very cool content

  29. We need People like you. You always welcome bro

  30. Somaliland is a state within Somalia. It doesn’t matter what for bullshit ideas you have. Dont interfere in our internal affairs. The british have divided all of africa and now this man is still doing it by dividing Somalia. You mean nothing to us!

  31. I just came here as a frustrated Manchester United supporter Ben!
    Seems like everything is in shambles! Ole need to go!
    Btw always loved You vlogs.

  32. Come here after watching from tink cool chnnel love from India (Manipur)

  33. Somaliya is enemy somalind like politics

  34. welcome back BEN next time make sure you asking or search the immigration main office DIRECT NUMBER on hargeisa incase any crooks refused your entry howevor hargeisa which your IN TITTLE to visit and VIZA IS AVIALABLE FOR ONE MONTH and YOUR WELCOME BY OPEN HANDS and the whole somaliland is peacefully and half of their citizen are from abroad the man on immigration post is a corrupt and he gave you false information .you can travel whole somaliland for free east and west .im from east and lot of foregin at eastand is 3 hours from hargeisa.

  35. I dont know anything but
    Messi > ronaldo

  36. Somalia ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✅✅✅🌍✅✅✅

  37. Visit Pakistan 🇵🇰 Ben . I have visited it last year then back to my home in Berlin , Germany . I literally love it and had fun moments I can't forget . It's so beautiful p.s hospital people .

  38. Welcome back brother ❤️🤍💚

  39. Mr.Ben,save your beard.Haha

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