This is the new PS5 controller

This is the new PS5 controller

The new PS5 DualSense Edge Controller is finally here! Let’s see what you get in the…


  1. Thank God the 1st of the month came 😂

  2. can you give me a controller?🛐

  3. Can we get some tests of using 4 of them to game on windows with bluetooth vs 4 xbone controllers? Dualshocks have been known to be glitchy when using multiple for spitscreen gaming. Xbone one controllers seem like they are the only controller capable of doing this consistently. It would be nice to have a more premium option as a PC gamer who plays a lot of 4 player couch games with my friends.

  4. Had like this for a week and never knew I could charge in the case 💀

  5. not worth the price tbh

  6. Bro some nasty mfs ( i can be nasty too just not at that level ) who don't take care of controllers will mess them up…why is everything white

  7. Counter claw controller !!

  8. The box looks amazing (is the same box of normal dualsense lmao)

  9. Trash. 20min battery life.

  10. Can it charge on a ps charging dock?

  11. Dude you can buy a whole ps4 ( old) with the amt it costs

  12. Box looks amazing…. Looks like the regular controller bro.

  13. 200$ is 100% not worth it

  14. Why is nobody talking about how to get the controler when it’s not out

  15. Sony controllers are shit. No one likes symmetric sticks. The dpad was t used as much before now its getting used and tryna reach the dpad while playing doesnt work.

  16. Overkill on price nice controller but not $200 nice

  17. Why such a high polish design, makes the plastic seem cheap, matte that hoe

  18. overpriced peace of…

  19. why use this controller can more pro????

  20. I never like this dudes reviews

  21. The box looks amazing,please stop saying dumb things

  22. This is such a mock off of the Xbox version 😢

  23. Him dropping the hard case pissed me off, like be more careful dude 😤

  24. For as much as it costs, it had better wash dishes and clothes as well as pitch in on rent.

  25. “Let’s see what’s inside”

    Me: “It’s a controller”

  26. really,,this should have been released with ps5,,smmfh

  27. Shit 300 dollars I'm good

  28. Sony like we can't get our systems out. Barely releasing games that are actually designed specifically for the ps5, let's make a controller to help them spend the money that we not getting out of them lol.

  29. too expensive… half price of the ps5 or 1 switch price

  30. I got my on release day. And i love it. Quik question. Theres three lights on the track pack. Do u know what all of them do?

  31. The box looks amazing?” Well paid I see

  32. Need a controller like that for Xbox

  33. Not even a usb c to usb c cable

  34. Literally just bought myself a PS5 along with another standard controller a month ago🙄🙄 soon after this drops lol. damn you Sony, damn you 😪


  36. Thing is , some guys would use this pad and still get smoked 😂

  37. People keep talking about the price. What are the alternatives? Scuf? Over $200. Battle Beaver? Same price range. Aim? Same price range. Mod your own with Xtreme Rate? Your cheapest option at around $140.

    None of the above have Hall Effect analogs. So with all of your other options, when you get drift, the entire controller is trashed. There's maybe 1 PS5 controller with hall effect currently and it doesn't have even a fraction of the Edge's features. BTW, there's a company working on making Hall Effect modules for the Edge. So after that happens, there's really no competitor for the Edge.

    This controller is not meant for people that are happy with the stock DS. It's for those of us that purchase other paddle controllers or those that go through multiples due to drift. And don't be mistaken, almost all other companies use the same analog module tech.

  38. This is only worth using it on competitions or as profi player otherwise its a waste of money for casual gamers. The price is killing it for sure

  39. They literally stole this idea from Xbox🤣💀

  40. No more play station because PS+ prize is outa hand

  41. “tHe bOx lOoKs aMaZiNg”

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