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  1. What do I think, they killed him, simple

  2. @NigerianPolice …you want to commence investigation after his death ? Like you just received the petition ?

  3. The foolish sammy lary cannot make a single statement in English

  4. His Dad should be questioned too

  5. Naira marley don turn suge knight of naija music

  6. You see you see this thing moana Who samadhi

  7. This guy was talented. I always play his track on utube not knowing who he is.

  8. Zino you're dying in silent

  9. Omo nla, omo ologo, Imole❤

  10. I share tears 😭😭 what a life 🤔🧬 is so painful

  11. Naira and zino if you have hands in mohbad demise I pray for you your own kids your daughter and your son wont live up to 27 years years your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth you will look for tears and you won't see it your kids will be worth more d**end than alive to you amin ase igbe ti okete bake ni igbo akegbe nii asegun 💔💔💔

  12. But the youths are angry and accusing Naira Marley and Sam Larry even when it is alleged he died after reacting to some injection. Not many are asking the necessary: Was Mohbad a Christian and if so what kind? Why then was he associated so closely with the godless? You see judgment belongs to God and he is dead, so let God bring justice. But you are not asking the necessary: when I die am I going to heaven or hell? if you never believed in the salvation of Jesus the answer is HELL. For Jesus is the only ay so if u wanna be angry as a Christian be angry at the many who will die without knowing Jesus and if u really love them tell them Jesus is the ONLY WAY. Many also died the day Mohbad died, you just did not hear of them cos they are not as popular. popularity does not make one death more important.

  13. Sam Larry na very useless person

  14. I beg where is the petition link. More people need to sign! even if they did not have a hand in his death, they bullied him! Just because they are connected in high places, so sad! terrible country, i think they would have threatened his family as well

  15. Even the father of the disease belike who Dem pay for the death of his son. Say if e die make e no talk. Even the father must be held responsible for the death of his son I swear…..✍️✍️✍️

  16. Normally I like zino I swear. But I no fit lie Zino get wicked mind like Naira Marley.

  17. What a shame what my country is turning to nuisance becoming something, just look at that sammy larry guy how he was talking pure illetrate, everybody is using cultism to shine

  18. This guy you have to be careful and sensitive and be in protective Nigeria is a killer house this people are badly people

  19. Yorubas gbogboyi egben continues killing your generation boy's

  20. Now Marley have some simple easy questions for us nd truly valid

  21. Now bloggers are jumping in: Mohbad, Mohbad, Mohbad! What said all of you when he was being tormented?? How did you help him or his young family? Huh content creation!!!

  22. Nor b mohbad sang the first song

  23. He is my friend, but not my friend like that, but I just post his pics, but not a friend like that. Z sounds crazy and funny😢.

  24. Day should arrest naira pleas

  25. They should Jst exsume is body early and put it in the mug till the investigation is done

  26. Pls they should exsume is body early before it get late ,they must not sweep this under the carpet ooo, we want justice for mohbad

  27. They kill the boy because he know there Secret

  28. Who is this Sam naira was a gangster in London the youth joined him for success and progress but he recruited them as cult members shame on u naira maley ur kids wii pay for this

  29. What kind of father is this? As a father whom your son is a celebrity you don't know things about your own son? It seems some father's don't understand meaning of parenting of been a mother or a father. Been a parent is a full time job. Is God that protects our kid's but as a parent too you do all you can to protect your children because their your next generations to come. Seems the father didnt care so much about his son. This guy spirit is so strong that his letting people who didn't even know fight for him.

  30. The guy was bullied to death 😭😭😭😭

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