THIS IS LIFE IN CAPE VERDE: customs, people, geography, destinations

Get to know Cape Verde; its history, customs, traditions, how people live, geography and many other curiosities.



  1. How can you discover a land already not only inhabited but have the forms of community. They strayed on the island and used their sadistic religion to subdue the native nation. Shame on you

  2. Why do you pictures and videos from other countries and cities when speaking about Cape Verde. This is complete misrepresentation and amounts to false advertising.

  3. All the ppl came to check this video after Cape Verde did in Afcon are ignorants! Nobody heard about Cape Verde before on slave trade and what the warrior Amilcar Cabral did against the Portuguese?

  4. Nonsense ¡ Discovered and colonised by Portugal. The original habitants are ghosts, I guess. Portugal invaded and raped Cape Verde. Portugal did NOT discover Cape Verde.


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