This Is HUGE. Putin Exposes The CIA.

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This Is HUGE. Putin Exposes The CIA.

In his interview with Tucker Carlon, Vladimir Putin alleges that the CIA controls our Presidents. We already knew that due to the deep state’s reaction to Trump, who they didn’t expect. But now, Putin is confirming it. They are dumbing down and drugging Americans en masse while overthrowing governments worldwide. But to what end?


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  1. I am sad that you no longer contribute to the Daily Wire you made it a much better platform and your thoughts are always
    a positive contributions to the subject at hand

  2. A former KGB agent, turned president, a master manipulator, tells you something and you actually believe him. You either hate your own country this much or you have literal brain worms.

  3. You're going to rise if you want.😜

    You have heard the rumors about a One World Leader, eventually, yes?

    To that person?


    Do you have any idea how hard it is to earn the trust of a person that knows BILLIONS of you want Jesus to DESTROY him? 😂🤣

    You are one of the most AWESOME people ever, in my eyes & mind!

    You DESERVE to have power!

    You don't have a precious ego! That makes you a great, natural leader!

    WHY ISN'T Candace Owens at least running for president?

    You're getting handed more power than you can imagine eventually.

    You would make a GREAT World Leader 💯

  4. Helps explain why there is no accounting of how our tax money is being spent in the Ukraine. Makes one wonder how much of this money is being redirected into Democrat elections like Biden's campaign. Good exposure of the role of the CIA and the deep state in America. The CIA has become another Pretorian Guard setting foreign policy and determining the presidency. The discussion of the gas line that was blown up is blamed on the CIA and the silence of the media makes one wonder what is actually going on.

  5. I love this lady, How did she manage to come out as a normal human being, whose grey matter hasn't been tainted, even though she went through the American education system

  6. Кэндис одна из немногих адекватных публичных людей в Америке. Желаю тебе стойкости и сил. При такой пропаганде и лжи "демократии" это понадобится. А ещё Кэндис-красавица )

  7. I'm 75 and went to school in the 50s' and 60's. We learned the Constitution and problems/challenges of Democracy, Algebra and Calculus. Proper English in elementary school,. Punctuation, nouns, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs. We also also reading comprehension. School was challenging and prepared you for life because you learned how to communicate effectively. How to approach problems from different angles, share ideas and work cohesively. Then, instead of States deciding curriculum, it was decided by a National Board of Education…and the downward trend began and has been on a downward trajectory since the Feds took over the schools. This is insidiuos and by design. It amazes me the lack of general knowledge, especially in geography and world events. Please excuse any typo's. I have Macular Degeneration and it's difficult to see the key-board. We did NOT learn CRT, White rage, Trans story hour , Gender identification and any of the other B.S., time consuming, mind numbing, vacuous statements that the current system try to shove down your throat. A good start would be to return uricculuam assignment and control to the states, where according to the Tenth Amendment is where it belongs. At least part of the Nation would receive a worth while education.

  8. at 17:14 In English: The GLOBAL RISK REPORT has identified that misinformation and the lack of correct information on public platforms are among the most difficult global risks to overcome and will have a highly negative impact on future society. It is placed at the top of the list of global risks published on January 10, 2024.

  9. Thank you for this information, Candace! God bless the CIA and our military for doing all the great work to keep our beautiful country safe and prosperous. 🫡❤ 🇺🇲

  10. Oh Candice. Just move to Russia and try to live in that country for a year. I bet you would suddenly fall in love with America and the „western” values again.

  11. Уважаемые люди, просто вспомните чемпионат мира по футболу 2018 года, а кто не был в этот момент в россии, посмотрите видео своих соотечественников, и вы увидите какая она россия и какие мы русские.
    Как мы вас всех встречали в своей стране, как мы любили всех иностранцев, русские очень дружелюбный народ. Просто мы устали 8 лет терпеть , как наш родной народ бомбит украина, да это были территории украины, но жили там русские, потому что эти люди вместе с территориями перешли в дарственную от россии. И это люди молили о помощи , а русские своих никогда не бросают. Ни в каком состоянии. Не для такого русский люди победили фашиз в 45 году, чтобы начать нападать на другие страны. У нас огромные территории, у нас огромные запасы ресурсов. Нам просто нужно безопасное будущее, а не Нато у ворот, размещенные по всей границе!

  12. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to know the truth. I’m praying that God will continue to use voices like yours and Tucker Carlson’s to open the eyes of the American people.

  13. Americans know this information but it’s easier to just ignore and believe you actually have a say in what happens here. Conspiracy theorists have been telling us for years and we watched the media either create a smear campaign or government take them out all together. American response to our government killing people here and overseas is continuing going on with our daily lives. This is a judgement of a sinful nation. You can basically correlate the decline of this nation with the recruitment of German scientists called operation paper clip.