This 28 year old just became a Crypto MILLIONAIRE

This 28 year old just became a Crypto MILLIONAIRE

Interview with a 28 year old newlywed who became a millionaire in less than a year after taking…


  1. Do you guys have a trading group?

  2. ☝☝I'm 31 and my partiner is 42 we both retired with over $3million in net worth no debts. Currently living smart and frugal with our money 💰. Saving and investing lifestyle in the crypto market made it possible for us this early even till now we earn every week all thanks to the 🌐🌐 web site above for the mining opportunity, and we even own properties I'm the state now. You can look them up online to live happy life.

  3. Feels good don’t it?

  4. It’s financial freedom best feeling to have I bet

  5. I’ve got some confidence in BTC by watching an interview with Armstrong.His model is not based on the few examples of 4 year cycles, but rather on the rate at which new wallet addresses appear on the blockchain and the nature (size and the behavior of wallets of similar size) of the wallets. So he models the adoption curve. He reckons adoption is still in full swing, and his "moving target" is currently a price of $120K for BTCat end of 2021. He also mentioned that the $1 trillion market cap is a barrier – that there would be a lot of resistance to falling below $55K. So I was convinced to start buying BTC again (not much to hodl but trad) If only my people listened when i first told them about Tribesmen. My actual portfolio was multiplied In two months. After getting in touch with Armstrong Peters of the Crypto Tribesmen a well known name in the cryptospace, who showed me how to use it’s programs to make transactions and got I7 btc in 2 moths with it. He can be reached only on Telegram @Goldsfolio

  6. 0:23 what’s with that cough.

  7. Awesome content, thanks for sharing your stories with the 🌎. Very inspiring. Lots of friends were also saying that Bitcoin was gonna hit $100k in 2021 but unfortunately a pull back eventuated. Rather though, I think 2022 will be the year it'll hit.

  8. Wow bsg only has 5k subscribers and this video was a year ago that’s crazy.

  9. Just like with drugs. Oh you like weed? I have ciggs. I’m good. I have meth for sale. I’m good. It’s always gone be something “new” the peer pressure is real

  10. Congratulations guys.Keep going guys me Im a crypto addict since 2017

  11. How did I know there way a “course” in the bio.

  12. His portfolio went from 800k to 1.1m he was already rich xD

  13. Okay..lets say you just hit it on your investment- are you able to sell immediately?

  14. awesome and congratulations. i just loaded up on genie token

  15. He invest $50,000 ?? On crypto i Made $950,128 with $163 dollars

  16. I would like to learn more about crypto. Is there anyway you can help me with that

  17. Show some proof of 7 figures on the screen at least if you're gonna use that claim on your video title

  18. What do you think of the Shiba Inu Token? I own some and I personally think it's going to blow up even more in the next year or two…

  19. He put in 50k to jump on. That’s hard earned money to have your faith in

  20. I'll be there soon. Give it 5 years max.

  21. I’m watching this just to make $1500 a week 🤷🏿‍♂️

  22. I become a millionaire, you’d never know it.

  23. Saitama coin is the future

  24. $70k n $50k ? wtf what type money you niggas playing wih

  25. Hey BSG! Where can I learn more? Do you have a course?

  26. Amazing black leaders showing real strength yall are goated

  27. congratulations to the young man {edit: and his wife} ! let's go! good to see crypto changing young peoples lives~

  28. its funny how these guys are acting like they know something that nobody else your research and you will likely do well.avoid dogecoin and shiba those are meme coins and losers no matter what elon says

  29. Buy income producing assets

  30. Must of been safemoon so many people making money off safemoon

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