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  1. Why do you want to visit South Africa?!

  2. Why am i watching this…i am south african馃馃槶

  3. I have lived my whole life in SA and have never been on a safari, though I have been to nature reserves many times. There's no need to pay a fortune on a safari, of course, they probably offer a unique experience, but the following works just as well. I'd suggest renting a car (if you don't own one) and just going to wherever (Kruger, Marakele, Pilansberg, Addo, so many amazing choices), with family or a couple of friends. Of course, the best would be to go along with locals, whether on a safari or with acquaintances that live here.

    Just do your planning well. Find out which routes you can take with the car you have. Find out where to go, most reserves have extensive maps and planning to help you out.

    IMPORTANT!!! Use common sense. The animals are wild, and if you have your arm hanging out the window or whatnot, don't be upset when something takes a bite. Don't be dumb, be safe. Remember that whichever park you go to, belongs to the animals. You are only visiting. So respect the owners.

    Finally, enjoy. No matter how many times you go, each will be unforgettable.

    Really finally, it's too bad the video didn't mention hiking. There are some breathtaking routes. For examples, check out the link:

    These are some of the difficult hikes, but you will find many shorter and easier hikes in these same places and elsewhere. They are all magnificent. I haven't been everywhere on the list, but some of my favourites are: Drakensberg, God's Window, Golden Gate. Places I still NEED to go are, Mkambati, Otter, Fish River Canyon, Ceres, Tsitsikamma, Blyde River Canyon… eish… too many to list. We really are blessed with choices.

    Really, really finally. Nowhere in the country have I been told to not drink tap water. Tap water is safe in the majority of towns.

  4. yeah and some pharas will stab you… very high crime rate

  5. I have been to South Afrika twice. But i have not seen much as it was a business trip. I fell in love with this country, and i would like to know about it as much as possible.

  6. I miss my beautiful Country.

  7. I am South African.

    You did well.

    I am very critical person, and I dont allow anythig untrue to escape my radar.

    For the most part, I cannot fault u. I would suggest you review the comment about drinking water. It has been said that the country has amongst the safest drinking water in the world.

    Also, I would routinely suggest using the mini-bus taxis. Rather, cab-taxis, if i could word it that way (for convenience sake). But Uber is very reliable. And of course, hiring a car is a good option. The bus are also recommendable. To the viewers out there, allow me to mention that we drive on the left side of the road, like the British (SA is a previous colony of Britiain).


    Baie dankie! 馃嚳馃嚘

    Edit (corrections): I would suggest to NOT USE MINI-BUS taxis.

    BuSSes are also recommendable.

  8. The wine, seafood, beautiful views and the people

  9. Born and still living in Cape Town, South Africa. I have travelled my country for so long, and I still haven't done half of what's to offer. Love it here and thank your tips were all spot on, well done. I've never done a safari/game reserve yet due to the price, but its on my to-do list.

  10. People may be slow paced unless you live in Gauteng or are from there 馃槢

  11. Somethings to add is that:
    1. DO NOT EVER BY ANY MEANS GO ON THE TAXI'S!! It is incredibly dangerous for reasons ranging from taxi shootings to speeding and too many people in a single taxi.
    2. Water from taps in SA is amazing, at the right places.. Make sure before you drink water, best tap water is mountain rain water.
    3. If your visiting Cape Town, I'd recommend staying in safe areas such as Waterfront. Mainly because places like the cape flats are incredibly dangerous because of gang violence.
    4. I'd recommend The Western Cape, it has a nice climate, loads of activities (ranging from beaches, game drives, camping areas, paragliding, bungee jumping and much much more) and it is beautiful!
    5. I'll say it again: STAY AWAY FROM TAXI'S!!!

    Edit: alr, I overreacted a bit with the taxi's, I'd still recommend using uber or renting a car above it. But taxi's are an okey option. Just do background checks and make sure to not get into an overcrowded one

  12. what you gotta pay to go to the safari?

  13. I only see Cape Town here

  14. Sorry…..I don't see your link for Travel Insurance.

  15. Sth I like it's the African English accent. It sounds so smooth

  16. in 99 percent plus of the places you visit the tap water is safe to drink.

  17. You said you would link to the travel insurance that you use? I might be missing it but I can't find it in your show links. Help me?

  18. Excuse me but where can we go skiing

  19. everywhere in South Africa tap water can be drunk . rather don't use plastic water bottles unless you recycle please

  20. COME AND VISIT US馃槉馃槉馃槉馃槉馃槉馃槉馃槉馃槉馃槉馃槉馃槃馃槃馃槃馃槃馃槃馃槃馃槃

  21. Wow Thank you for this video!!

  22. Drinking water from taps anywhere in South is very safe. The only time for buying bottled water is because South Africa is a vast country and distances from place to place could be a 100 kilometres or more

  23. This great video really "Blows My Mine About South Africa" while finishing watching the video today @ home in April of 2021!

  24. Thanks you so much for this great video about the beautiful cities,culture,society about South Africa in 2021!

  25. I am planning to visits Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban & Pretoria cities, South Africa after the Pandemic is over in 2021!

  26. South Africa is just a remarkable country with many great things to offers for tourists in 2021!

  27. Thanks you so much for this great video about the "Rainbow Country or South Africa". I will love to visit South Africa after the Pandemic is over in 2021!

  28. Give it a miss. The safety issue is real. While you will have a great time danger lurks around every corner.

  29. I worked and lived in Johannesburg for nearly 4 years. The mile high City of Gold is a vastly built up Metropolis with multi-cultural peoples. There are 11 languages spoken in S.A. the blend of accents is splended. From Brooklyn, Manhattan NYC, I fell in GODS LOVE THERE.

  30. Thanks Madam for useful tips before going to soufh Africa

  31. South Africa is dangerous by some places

  32. They only showing Cape Town

  33. I m so stuck and if anyone can forward & share this as much as you can it wouldn't just help me but an endless of South Africa's who can't get any help from their embassy. Just google South African House London and read reviews.

    I applied for my passport in Jan 2020, still nothing, now Feb 2021. They called me back today saying there is nothing they can do since I have no proof of ID. I really have no proof of SA identification. I do have UK proof of ID but that is not South African policy. They have now said that the only way they can help is to apply for a birth certificate which will take 9 months.

    While I was crying on the phone she told me she will send me the form to apply for a birth certificate, with the first requirement being an old birth certificate/or id. You just couldn't make it up. I now feel like I m being denied my birthright. I guess now the only way forward is lawyers, UK citizen advice & possibly media. Anyone that could help please reach out

    To the so-called high commission:

    I will do as much as I can to let everyone know-how during a pandemic, how heartless unkind & horrid you are with no empathy. I always thought the point of an embassy was to embrace your citizens with open arms & to help and to assist. I stand corrected.

  34. When she said South Africa is safe I choked on my water like…. Not where I live at the moment 馃槀

  35. Any place for ballroom dancing or doing the Jerusalem? Of course, after covid. Thanks, TED in California

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