Things to do in Abuja Nigeria. Africa travel vlog Guide. #thingstodoinabuja #abuja #abujavlog

Things to do in Abuja Nigeria. Africa travel vlog Guide. #thingstodoinabuja #abuja #abujavlog

This Africa vlog guild will help you to discover things you can do in abuja nigeria. Hiking,…


  1. Top notch! Excellent content bro. Wow Abuja really has a lot to offer the visitor. I definitely have to do one of those hiking outings next time I'm there after eating at all the good restaurants and food spots! 😋

  2. The hiking on the big rock and Jabi for the night life, boat ride and African Arts and Craft. I've been told that the train station is closed at the moment. As for food, I'm not a fan of foo foo, love the chicken and noodles, rice and plantains. I had the best burger and fries at the mall in Abuja during the last visit! Thanks

  3. I am definitely visiting soon and can't wait to enjoy the beautiful places I see. Thanks always David. You are quite inspiring and I hope the tourism Ministry of Nigeria recognizes the exposure you are giving your country. Kudos

  4. this made me so hungry.

  5. I love this- Thanks for sharing 👍
    I love Abuja so much but I have been wondering whether there's places of recreation.

    None of those is my interest because I don't take risk. I don't like shopping either because I hate wasting my money unnecessarily .

    I am wondering whether there's a nature park with long jogging and walking track for exercises.

    Please let me know. Thank you.

  6. I just subscribed and I'm telling people about you. Welldone Sir!

  7. Welcome to Abuja town! Thank you.

  8. Abuja is a town not a city. It is a huge town. Nigeria has got no city yet. Not until we can provide all functioning amenities to the ordinary Nigerians without hiccups then we can be talking about a city or using the word city .

  9. Waow, Mr David you are doing well

  10. So many informations in this video, well done bro.

  11. Our Leaders have dissapointed us tremendously. If this is what our CAPITAL CITY looks like, imagine the rest of the country. Donald Trump said it best…

  12. Grand!! Mr Nkwa you are flexing big time!

    I like!

  13. Abuja needs a massive zoo like the San Diego zoo. A bigger amusement park like Busch Gardens Tampa. Lagos too.

  14. Nice Quality video 📹 👌 👏

  15. Bro can we talk on WhatsApp 09036458113, please add me, actually am looking for football career or any business, l like ur video

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