These Robots are Getting Crazy! #robot #technology #artificialintelligence

These Robots are Getting Crazy! #robot #technology #artificialintelligence


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  1. maybe china wont need to use children in factories anymore

  2. The problem of such tech is that humans are to greedy, the humanity could be of so much better if companies would make products that basicly are made to break so u have to buy new ones, there are old Lightbulbs that burned for like over 50 Years while u can be happy if our current ones work for 3 – 5 years

  3. Me showing my MC friend my 10,000 wolves that i tamed :

  4. Luckily my major is one that is physically impossible for AI to do

  5. I'm 78 years old and I think I might like that very much!!!

  6. imagine the surgeon lags…

  7. Let’s hope they don’t kick this one💀

  8. This is the player in video games

  9. can't wait to see serial killers hack robots to do crimes

  10. Oh Mother Marry,
    MatPat was right about the 2020s being the era of advances in Robotics.

  11. Ai will use nanobots to destroy humanity

  12. First one looks A LOT like cgi tbh

  13. My brain is so flabbergasted that its starting to look like CGI lol. (I know its not CGI)

  14. That is terrifyingly humanish

  15. the robot dog part looks like something i would see in a lucid dream 😭

  16. OK what is that take 275 how did you get it in the first take ?

  17. Man, I feel so ashamed that the robot could do a flip and I can't even solve my math homework

  18. Robot dogs be performing some A.I. ritual

  19. Did anyone think of portal and aperture science in this video?

  20. I hope the banana feels better soon.

  21. Here's the thing, to replace every single job with automation requires double of what energy we have today and requires every single one of humans to work as robot manufacturers for quite a while so as long as you keep AI unable to self sustain itself we'll always be relevant. Just dont be an idiot

  22. The dogs really be emoting 💀

  23. I'm enjoying the future opportunity of dying on the table because the Wi-Fi went out.

  24. I wouldn't be surprised to find out the narrator of all these shorts is secretly an AI himself.

  25. Tell there is not a man in there rn

  26. The clock had begun before I even realized it.

  27. They made Atlas from Portal 2 in the real world, now we just need P-body and they can drop each other off of cliffs like in the game! 😊

  28. Didn’t that take like 30 attempts for the robot to work right and not fall over

  29. See, have none of you watched Terminator?

  30. Those robot dogs from china looks familiar… cough stole from Boston dynamics cough

  31. generation zero sure had accurate reference

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