There's a chance Putin, NATO could fight directly, says former Russian minister

There's a chance Putin, NATO could fight directly, says former Russian minister

Former Russian deputy minister of energy and opposition politician Vladimir Milov says he…


  1. Bless this guy : now he must have bodyguards and have his food tasted…

    SLAVA 🇺🇦💛💙💪🇺🇲🇪🇺🇬🇧👍😘

  3. Putin spelled out father hash hash in Ukraine.

  4. Putin wouldn’t take on nato. He’s mad but not that mad.

  5. they can't even win against Ukraine they will fail miserably against nato.

  6. If Russia had swept through The Ukraine I would totally agree. I believe now, with all their issues, they won't have the strength to invade Poland, Finland or Sweden. Maybe the Baltic states but they may be to weak to do that.

  7. Dah ! Dah ! Dah ! Dede Putinas turete didelis Kolshe . 🎶🤗

  8. He's not wrong old putin we are crashing by the day

  9. i just heard Russia is going to join NATO

  10. Military incapable to function and he makes threat of war on real militaries !?

  11. Well that's another fine mess I'm going to get myself into Stanley hm.

  12. Putin Has a Military Rebellion Problem on His Hands, Reports Say:
    Their are thousands of rich 🤑 Russians leaving Russia 🇷🇺 shielding their children from Putin’s draft, but poor Russians are not able to leave the country they are forced to hide from Putin’s draft.

  13. Think your getting stomped now, Dont start with anybody else.

  14. Is Russia on another planet or is it just putin he is losing in Ukrainian and he is losing friends ,packstan ,Israel welcome to 1990s putin SLAVA UKRAINIAN

  15. I know Russians. Real Russians in Russia and they say very different Putin.

  16. There is no sugar in Russia 🇷🇺 cities 🏙 period.???

  17. The whole is waiting for Putin to make another miscalculation again to cause more havoc that will seal his faith.??

  18. A man who has a very serious narcissistic personality disorder will have an emotional level never exceeding [at the maximum] the level of a 4 year old child. That's the good news! The bad news is when the 4 year old starts acting like a 2 year old everything goes of the rails. _ A lead police dog has the word comprehension level of a 4 year old child which is about 1,400 words. A good yard dog is raised on a short leash. Yard dogs are very territorial and they tear at the flesh. An Alpha dog leaves leaves his little smelly "to whom it may concern" messages all over the place. A SKID ROAD SAYING: "Where I wound up in life is not exactly where I started out from." _ Putin started out in life as an ambulance chaser for the KGB and wound up in life serving as a yard dog's replacement at a junk yard on the Donbass.

  19. The Great Helmsman Chairman Mao did what he KNEW he NEEDED to do in order to get what he WANTED which was a nice smooth spread of Maoism on the front pages on the New York Times. _ Premier Krushchev of the USSR ignored Washington entirely because the brains are in New York. _ Putin's mistake is that he thinks that the row of dominoes begins in Washington. It doesn't!

  20. Please tell me why is Nato interested in having Ukraine in it ranks ?I was under the impression that the cold war was over . I would consider the Russians our friends and the Biden ,Chinese a thing to worry about…Tell the people the real news .

  21. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ha Ha ha Ha ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. May 2nd, all what Milov did not prove to be true. Russia proves to be a strong country!

  23. Russia's top UN minister says Russia is not at war with NATO and they are against the use of nukes.

  24. Milov Reporting from Farm House – meeeeee

  25. May God bless EU please no nuclear war with Putin, NATO directly,

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