The Tinder Swindler | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Tinder Swindler | Official Trailer | Netflix

From the team producers of Don’t F**ck With Cats, modern love is a dangerous game in the world…


  1. Woman 👩 not wants to date a guy cus he’s a billionaire…. Gets absolutely wreckt. And I’m supposed to feel bad for her? Lol I enjoyed watching her get screwed

  2. This guy f 1000 women. Got laid and paid for his work. Also a story about him was released on Netflix. Got little jail sentence, because he is rich…. He might stop one day… Hopefully… But how he did not get AIDS is the real question lol….

  3. I actually experienced this type of man in my life time. He dated and married successful women and con them into providing a luxury lifestyle for him! He took so much pride in doing it!

  4. wow, @dhar mann got your inspiration from here. Nice one

  5. Just watched the documentary and 🚨Spoiler Alert 🚨
    The creators of this documentary asked Simon himself if he wanted to take part in this documentary. And he responded by sending them a voicemail saying he will sue on what he says are “lies” and defacement

  6. I'm watching this tonight!

  7. Lo felicito al eatafador del Tinder, eran todas unas interesadas.

  8. That's what greed gets you. Would you have given any time or money to a regular Joe? Of course not, you're a victim of your own greed.

  9. I would recommend this to everyone who has a daughter honestly.

  10. the best part is to Ayleen she is smart to be honest 🤣😂

  11. . This trailer isn't very appealing. Editing gives the vibe of an american mediocre ficton movie.

  12. when a normal guy is on tinder with normal pictures who want to give real love, girls are like *Neeh we need someone to scam us for 250,000 USD that

  13. These girls deserved everything that came their way, Perfect example of women who think they’ve made it in life until they really realize they’ve not made anything in life. One woman was calling herself successful and couldn’t even string together $30,000 pathetic. These girls got played chasing money and now we’re all supposed to come together and feel sorry. I hope these girls are paying off those debts until they die enjoy. You girls out here looking like Shrek with not one Asset no money in the bank but you’re trying to land the one percent. They should let this guy out of jail to continue to teach women that two can play at this game check me!

  14. 와 진짜 역겹다…

  15. if hell exists I really hope this peace of garbage gets a one way ticket there

  16. I see a lotta bitter boys here whining about how these women were gold diggers. LOL You want girls liking you for the butt ugly broke ass trolls you are? Guess what, just like you wanna date pretty women, women want some fantasy and security.

  17. Hate the rich and hate the man ideology from netflix… I'm guessing they will not show the oppoiste side of this were the same swindlers target lonely man, and ask for money to arrive in the country! 😀 Of course not, that would defeat the purpose! 😀

  18. I cry no tears for Pernilla. She is the type of women that deserves such an experience. Conceited and stupid.

  19. This guy is just a criminal, but hey gold diggers! You diserve it, all of you!

  20. You gotta be about the dumbest person on the planet.. tell him to sell that G5. Idiot.

  21. Wow he is master mind but scammer

  22. Men have been getting swindled like this for decades for billions but nobody makes a movie about that. It's called divorce!

  23. He's based for bankrupting women

  24. I don't feel sorry for any of those women. Yes, he was wrong. But they were at fault too. How do you keep sending money to a guy who doesn't pay you back?

    Especially when I was younger, women wanted me to be a player and sort of tried to force me into that role. That's because a lot of women like the drama and excitement of a bad boy, but if things go south in a really bad way, then they're ready to throw that bad boy under the bus in a hurry. Been there, done that. And that's all we see here with this Simon character. Those women got what they were looking for, and Simon is scot-free as we speak. FOH.

  25. No sympathy for these women.

  26. Moral of the story: don't be a material girl. Go for the guy with the same amount of money as you. I don't feel sorry at all for the girls that got scammed. Signed, a 33 years old man, single and who is not rich.

  27. Another women in NZ just got scammed by another Tinder swindler she quoted she was not concerned with sending funds to the swindler as it from her divorce proceedings 😢

  28. I mean, I don’t feel bad for what he did. Us men we get reap like this on a daily basics. And there’s no story that back this up.

  29. Just watched it thought it was great very well made. Firstly it was disgusting what he did not right at all, but you know would them women be interested if he didn't have all the nice cars, designer gear etc? Very unlikely. Not saying it's there fault, but especially the first one lived in a fantasy world thinking relationships are like The Beauty and the Beast film for example. I did like the woman a lot what sold all his stuff though, what a woman!.

  30. Mmmm. Would like to see a video about the business he started after he was released from jail.

  31. Simon was the gold digger attracting gold diggers

  32. Just finished watching this movie in the end he still came out on top..poor women..

  33. A reverse gold digger, about time

  34. I don't like how she uses the sh!t word and other swear words. It's low class and vulgar!!

  35. Sorry to say but the first woman especially was so naive, living in a fantasy thinking life is a fantasy film Beauty and The Beast and other fantasy films. I did feel sorry for them but on the other hand I didn't to be honest.

  36. Moral of the story, life isn't like a film Beauty and The Beast and other fantasy films.

  37. The Tinder Swindler did absolutely nothing wrong

    In the world of luxury and fantasies everyone is always billed accordingly

  38. Vapid, hollow people. I couldn't stop laughing. What joy!

  39. Why is it not surprising he is Israeli, Israel is the only country that legitimised theft, murder and ethnic cleansing. He should have told the victims God told him to do it and the judge would have been fine with it.

  40. That is what you get, if you lose the connection to reality. Tinder folks are in a other space, like the IG generation. Everything will collapse soon or later.

  41. Not everyone has interested to seen this documentary as an awareness or what was happened to these bimbos.. They're just wanted to know how to escape from these shit… if something happens to them in future…

  42. The truth is madder than fiction

  43. Amazed people are still this gullible. Who gets on a plane and flies to another country on the first date?

  44. Amnesty for Simon Leviev!

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