The Smallest Capital City In The World!! Mbababe, ESWATINI

The Smallest Capital City In The World!! Mbababe, ESWATINI

Welcome to Eswatini Previously Known As Swaziland!
Mbabane Is the Smallest Capital City In The…


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  1. Welcome to Eswatini fam! HAPPY PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR
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  2. Ça me fait plaisir de visiter ton pays Swaziland vraiment si tu m'invites .

  3. absolute monarchy so what are the tourism there

  4. I am from Australia but my mum's family live in Eswatini. I got such nostalgia from seeing Mbabane. Great Video, Dee! Ngiyabonga kakhulu ❤️🇸🇿

  5. Love. The. Song in the. Back ground is very. Soothing

  6. eswatini has beautiful roads.

  7. Dee Mwango…the capital city Swaziland is Mbabane.

  8. Greetings from Germany, 5:17 KFC really is world wide lol

  9. So nice to see something positive from home from my home town of Mababne Swaziland 🇸🇿 The ppl need a part of government hate say that but I do like dictators and dictatorships people have to have a say in the government I pray for democracy of course it's a beautiful country it's my homeland but the people also have the to participate in a true democracy we all know about the king for lavish lifestyle I'm so sorry but there is a lot of hunger corruption and Witchcraft I am just stating the facts but otherwise home is home corruption destroys a nation its economy and otherwise let's try to keep things propaganda free thank you I like your video 😊❤

  10. Eswatini my foot….its Swaziland !🇸🇿

  11. As a South African born Eswatini is my second home away from home. Been working there since 2007 . Are there about 8 months per year even through Covid 19. Going back again next monday.

  12. Love it when you say CHANNEL… 🙂

  13. Wow this so great. Beautiful people indeed

  14. You make us proud of our continent!
    Thanks for the awesome videos, Dee!

  15. Please tell us when you come back, we wish to see you live our beautiful Dee💞💞💞. Otherwise thank you for visiting our beautiful country 🇸🇿🇸🇿

  16. Hey Dee – i'm from eSwatini and i grew up in Mbabane so thanks for making me homesick – LOL! Yes, eSwatini is also called "the Switzerland of Africa!" Manzini is the more active city, but Mbabane is more quiet and much colder than Manzini. There are other towns too, like Nhlangano, Piggs Peak, Siteki, etc. I like the way you wore our national dress – it's nice! See you on your next videos!

  17. Great content i like how you choose your music

  18. Beautiful and clean, watching from Nairobi Kenya

  19. True the people here are very friendly
    I have been here for the last few years
    Don't miss the Sibebe Rock another fantastic place to visit.

  20. Beautiful eswatini..from Indonesian 🇮🇩🇮🇩

  21. Very nice city, and people seem kind. Deem(spell that way?), you have a pleasant character. I love the way you describe people and things. Your voice is really wonderful!!

  22. It’s a pretty country. Green.

  23. Any issues crossing their border??

  24. One word for Eswatini. Beautiful 🇸🇿

  25. I love eswatini very beautiful country and lovely people !

  26. In the capital you wrote Mbababe , but I guess the correct way is Mbabane.

  27. One of d cities of Southern Africa that I love most, friendly people and helpful…

  28. Aaaahhh that's home Dee…thank you for sharing our story to the world….

    Will you be going back? Do let me know ….♥️♥️♥️♥️

  29. Shout out from a fellow Swazi. I always watch you am glad you considered coming here.

  30. It's so beautiful and clean. Can a Kenyan buy land there?

  31. Great vlog beautiful country i love everything about the country

  32. Its small and beautiful I love it.small is very nice

  33. I love it I am from Ethiopia living in Germany thanks for sharing 👍

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