The Schwartz Family – Season 2 Episode 11 | Full Episodes | Supernanny USA

The Schwartz Family – Season 2 Episode 11 | Full Episodes | Supernanny USA

The three oldest children are acting out and discipline in the house is non-existent! Any of you…


  1. Donna: im uncomfortable with Joe following me and watching me like she’s “super nanny”
    Me: she is!!!!!

  2. Imagine how nice and polite Jo’s kids would be 😮

  3. I swear the kids screaming sounds 50 like year ones in the playground 😂

  4. Lol my baby cousin is 5 and she still wears dippers

  5. I need you to help me and my family so we can come along

  6. Jo: Hello, Emily!
    Emily: Giving her the death stare of the ages

  7. why is my youtube being dum today

  8. I hated Donna, she was blatantly trying to over through the process and become the mum. I hope the family manged to move away and get away from their disgraceful woman, she's a bad influence on the kids and her laziness and overbearing attitude is the reason the kids are like this

  9. Omg bruh the thumbnail 💀💀💀

  10. For holidays and vacation. Thanks Cynthia mother 🇬🇭 Africa

  11. An invite to Ghana Accra Kotoka International Airport 🇬🇭 Africa. Thanks Cynthia mother

  12. I love this woman Jo Jo. She looks smart and pretty as always. BIG RESPECT 💖😘

  13. that thumbnail 😂😂😂😂

  14. Donna is stubborn and has difficulty with change. No question. However, it is commendable how much she loves her nieces.

  15. 1:48 8 year old me when the ice cream truck is outside and my mom doesn’t let me get any

  16. donna needs to be punished more than the kids lol, she’s so miserable

  17. Have no fear Joe Joe's hear

  18. Jo is the super nanny but she really parents the adults first

  19. Thumbnail incredibly sus

  20. When I was 3-15 I was never disciplined by my grandparents who had taken care of me at the time I never was allowed to go outside, do my chores, do my homework she forced me to do homework with her every day and every night even when I didn’t need or want anymore help because she would scream at me when teaching me stuff I already knew and scream at me when I told her to stop anything all I could do is lay in my room and not be allowed to go out or do anything

  21. two minutes in I can already tell the aunt is the problem. she raises the kids to listen to her and not their mother. if you are watching someone's kids don't tell them to do stuff their parents don't want them to do, or cancel the parents punishments.

  22. Oh hey my mom has 4 kids to 6 actually 2 in heaven

    “She looks at me”
    “And i look at him”

  24. The thumbnail is what I do to my sister.

  25. 2:47she might be autsic have consdered helping her

  26. Samanther and Amander. 😀

  27. I feel like the mother is definitely trying to discipline her children but it’s quite hard to do that when there’s another person doing the exact opposite.

  28. She said they have 4 girls, what ta bout kailob

  29. Where daddy who who who who my one daughter Jayla my son your door and the mom died who

  30. I don’t understand the fact I don’t like these dumb people and videos about supernanny

  31. POV: your mum is like that the first 3 minutes of this episode:

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