The Rap Monument – Flatbush Zombies

The Rap Monument – Flatbush Zombies

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Flatbush Zombies’ epic verse on the very epic Rap Monument (coproduced by the beat wizard…


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  1. What the f$&@ is this censorship

  2. It's okay to me that it's censored. Means some actual rap music will make it to the children lol. Will def try to find it uncensored for me though 🙂

  3. 0:57 Got the headphones on the wrong way hahah

  4. Meech is just such a dank G, he doesn't need NO lyrics lol

  5. There reading off phones lmao

  6. wheres the uncensored version of this track? They all murdered it!

  7. @Noisey can we get the instrumental? Shit is mad heavy

  8. Anyone know where I can find this beat?

  9. Are you serious with the censor noisey? 

  10. FUCK CENSORSHIP. Losses everything a person writes make it sounds weird and discreet. I learned all swears when 6 other kids learn shit earlier. Sooner or later

  11. Srsly where's Ashton? I'm not signing the damn release.

  12. I hate it when people hate on Juice, he really doesen't deserve all the hate he gets. I love his music its so energetic and unique. But i have to agree its hard to not give Meech all the credit, but Juice really isn't bad Meech is just such a fucking monster

  13. Meeeechmeeechmeechy every dam song the Guy ripps apart

  14. Meech without his tops in. Rare

  15. Best freestyle ever, Meechy Darko you're my best!!

  16. The censuring complete destroys this shit… additionally the way they do it by changing the pitch very quickly then back to normal.

  17. Favorite rappers right here , zombie gang lol but juice could've gone alittle harder

  18. this mad old erick got dreads now

  19. I fucking love Meechy, his lyricism is out of this world.

  20. Love FBZ the beat was mad and erik murdered the track.But my fav is Meechy Darko Bittchhhh!

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