The Problem with the Minimum Wage #politics #history #america #breaking #news #freedom #socialism

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The Problem with the Minimum Wage #politics #history #america #breaking #news #freedom #socialism

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  1. When you’re young, you have no skills unless you learn skills from somebody that’s why you have to go to school to learn you need to go to a trade school and learn a trade flipping hamburgers. Your local McDonald’s is not a trade if you think you’re gonna flip hamburgers and make a living and get and buy a house and everything else good luck without a trade you’re nothing but a labor. If all you can do is shovel shit, then you get a shit pay

  2. now they want 20 an hr wonder why a big mac is over 10$ these jobs arent ment for you to retire on there ment to bring young people into the work force and learn some skills before moving to something much better get good scrubs

  3. No, you get paid according to your skill level. If you have no skills, you are get paid a wage of a person with no skills. If you have skills then you get paid for what the employer feels at your work it’s plain and simple.