The New Find In Egypt That Frightened The Scientists

The New Find In Egypt That Frightened The Scientists

Every Egyptologist doing archaeological excavations in Egypt has repeatedly heard the surprised…


  1. It's all about the cash, folks. Nobody is 'taking' things from Egypt, even though that's what you're lead to believe. It's paid for. All of it. Everything has a pricetag and is available for sale. EVERYTHING. As long as the Egyptian government gets their cut, you can take that 3500 year old mummy home to your living room! No joke. No exaggerations. #truth

  2. Why are Egyptian shown as white people when teaching Biblical ancestry 🥸

  3. IT
    Reasoning Trad(ii)anomaly

  4. Good lord… the pronunciation for Everything in this is so wrong I was lost for about 50% of it before I turned it off.
    Wikipedia research done on this on.

  5. I watched the whole boring video and I didn’t see not one thing that scared the scientists this is so wrong to get people to watch stupid video and putting a title on it it does have nothing to do with it

  6. Isn’t it interesting how England steals every countries artifacts.

  7. No other country should take any artifacts from any other country. If it doesn’t belong to your country then it shouldn’t stay in a museum in the country where it was found

  8. If those same white scientists could steal the colour out of Black people , put it in a bottle & sell it as sun tan lotion they would …

  9. Why are white scientists & white Tomb raiders …. Dis associating Egypt from Africa ?! Egypt is the North of Africa .. Egyptians are Africans & obviously Africans are Black people … it’s sicking that a small group of white scientists,politicians & grave diggers are white washing Egypt.. to portray to the whole world that Egyptians are white so they can attempt to claim the Greatness from Africa .. for them selves .. discrediting African people in the media …. But at the same time there in Egypt trying to discover & Learn about Ancient African Civilisation & African spirituality, Lastly Picasso who is the famous artist was a nobody until he went to South Africa & stole the African style of Art & called it his own & that’s how he got his claim to fame .. research it in your local library for those individuals who may take offence ..

  10. its always the pale face ones telling the black king story. so annoying

  11. And this show just Depicted this white woman’s husband as a black man when we know now that king tut was English as war many of the other kings of Egypt

  12. Its ahhh ken nah ten. Not a difficult pronounciation.

  13. What frightened the scientists???

  14. I am enjoying all the miraculous discoveries all of a sudden

  15. So a white woman resembled the bust of nerfertiti… the europeanizing of Egypt just doesn’t stop.

  16. The disrespect that descendants of slave traders, masters, drivers owners,catchers, and in some respect, current slave participants, treat descendants of said slaves, make one wonder, 'Then why believe their lies and other lies?' It is a crime to enter any of these miscreants country and defile any burial site. The mummies were all buried with tokens, to be use as entry into the after life and back into the present life,
    whenever it was time for the individual to return. The overlords of Egypt and Europe, has made it their life's mission to rob the tombs and sacred places for any trace of anything that they can cart away, and moneyfied. This they say is in the interest of knowledge.
    I dare any of these bogus scientists to enter Mecca and break into the Kabbala claiming an interest in studying the 'site of mohammad's burial', or going to the Westminster Abbey with the intention of digging up the graves in that building, to view a king, or going to Washington's Arlington cemetery to view the remains of the unknown soldier. First, there is no monetary gain, nothing that would add to the national treasury, then there in no scientific value, and woe be to anyone who dare to be involved in such sacrilegious crime, to their sacred institutions. If though, anyone want the truth, sorry, as masters of the world, money is our only interest.

  17. It's pronounced A Marna. Not Armana.

  18. This is wrong..dont believe this..Nefertiti wasn't real..she only existed 3days and vanished like a snake in the sands..she was an product of black was a beauty spell..this is the real history truth..dont believe what these people say..its all been crafted to make the evils. The bad .the enemy take glory..cause when glory is given to these evils they get power from this
    .its been crafted through out history for many stories..if you only knew how we been told wrong ..its sad..

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