The Most Illegal KRAKEN In the Game! INDRA w/ Ultra SPEED | War Robots Max Level Titan Gameplay WR

The Most Illegal KRAKEN In the Game! INDRA w/ Ultra SPEED | War Robots Max Level Titan Gameplay WR

Hello fam, it’s AD Gaming and welcome back to my channel! In this video Ill use the Special…


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  1. That was fast, kraken. Good game.

  2. Imagine it has a lil khepri friend giving it another boost😨

  3. Perang para bintang sekalian aja

  4. Indra is my favorite titan.

  5. Don't you all realize Pixy took the maxed drones we had to get rid of all the shields in game and then they brought new bits that have 2 types of shields and now weapons that make their own shields , they screwed up over every way u can think of but no one is talking about that!

  6. I don't want pilots for titans, because I don't have enough resources for upgrading robots and weapons so how are we going to have extra resources for upgrading titan pilots ? Waste of resources we don't have.

  7. 𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮 matching 😊
    in career

  8. AD, whenever your mothership gets stuck on 99%, go somewhere in cover, minimise the game, like you're changing screens, but don't close it, then open it again and the mothership will work.

    It works for me every single time.

  9. 👋👽⚡Hi ad gaming⚡👽

  10. AD titan pilot ignoring all shields including titans 😂!

  11. I know you don't talk to comment guys, the guys because of whom you are now a guy with 70k subscribers…
    Please do pass a message of mine to pixo ""remove EMP"", it's a trash feeling to act like sitting duck for 5 secs..or they reduce emp timing to 2 secs""…every sec costs tons of hp and sometimes loss of a full fledged bot…
    Tell pixo, if they want to call WR a game then they have to make it less annoying and painful..right?? Until we won't enjoy how can it be a game..
    I believe pixo listens to you big WR youtubers…

  12. Skilless p2w fegget game. Where champions have less skill than diamond league but they win cuz they paid more from moms wallet😂 prove me wrong🤡 PS anyone using the new lasers, u r sad and skilless. PSS anyone re buying their drones pixonic stole back to resell, YOU ARE KING OF 🤡s 😂😂😂

  13. lol i dont want to imagine the speed of this

  14. anyone sell cocaine? i’m asking for friend

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