The latest robots and future technologies: All the February technology news in one issue!

The latest robots and future technologies: All the February technology news in one issue!

You are on the PRO Robots channel and in this video we present the February 2022 news digest….


  1. I would volunteer… for neurolink trials.

  2. I hope I'm still alive when the next massive solar flare from the Sun. Creates an EMP on this planet that shuts down everything with a chip in it. The world will become a much better place because of it

  3. Wow these is so outdated come on!

  4. That is 50 year old if not more no thanks

  5. We need a allrounder robot. A robot who can clean, cook, work just everything!

  6. Putin like Xin-Jinpeng Tobe A comedian politician in the world mostly lauging for themselves anytime every where _ SINOVAC-SPUTNIK5 Who Funded By Eks KGB + The CCP-Agent in The Their Biological-Pharmacy Industries ; They're Very Naif-Hypocrite Politics 🧑‍💻🕷️💻🖥️⌨️📱💸🪙💰🪖🚀🌍 Russia & Communist-China To also using a criminal terrorist army like Talibant-Organization in Afganistan + Checen-fighters Militants into A Ukraine Territory to will try killing a democratic leader in there ( Vlodomer Zelensky ) "V-Z"

  7. How about using both metric and SAE I don't know if all you people on the internet know there are a lot of use that still do not knows metric, wow what novel idea

  8. Jetpack fencing next please.

  9. The economic hardship, recession, unemployment
    and the loss of job caused by covid pandemic is
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    taking a trip into investing because I lost so much
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  10. “I’d like this Russian military anti-drone technology to come to fruition “ -said You! WTF man!?!? Do you understand what is f*ing going on in the world right now?! Very inconsiderate, disrespectful, and ignorant. There are people dying right now for f*cks sake! Get a clue! Intriguing video, but I’m definitely not subscribing to someone supporting Russia right now, especially militarily! Read some news before you post statements like that.

  11. I’d like NO “Secure” home AI technology from Russia, thank you very much. 😠

  12. Military robots = the beginning of the end.

  13. I’m a bit horrified by the military developments.

  14. Joel 2:1-9

    1)Blow the ram’s horn in Zion;

    sound the alarm on My holy mountain!

    Let all who dwell in the land tremble,

    for the Day of the LORD is coming;

    indeed, it is near—

    2)a day of darkness and gloom,

    a day of clouds and blackness.

    Like the dawn overspreading the mountains

    a great and strong army appears,

    such as never was of old,

    nor will ever be in ages to come.

    3)Before them a fire devours,

    and behind them a flame scorches.

    The land before them is like the Garden of Eden,

    but behind them, it is like a desert wasteland—

    surely nothing will escape them.

    4)Their appearance is like that of horses,

    and they gallop like swift steeds.

    5)With a sound like that of chariots

    they bound over the mountaintops,

    like the crackling of fire consuming stubble,

    like a mighty army deployed for battle.

    6)Nations writhe in horror before them;

    every face turns pale.

    7)They charge like mighty men;

    they scale the walls like men of war.

    Each one marches in formation,

    not swerving from the course.

    8)They do not jostle one another;

    each proceeds in his path.

    They burst through the defenses,

    never breaking ranks.

    9)They storm the city;

    they run along the wall;

    they climb into houses,

    entering through windows like thieves.

  15. The bible says that the locust army moves without getting in each other’s way!

  16. Unfortunately, my truth robot told me you were making stuff up. Bummer. In addition, your parents are sad now. ALSO, good one.

  17. The most spoken word in china is COPY, Copy that China:)

  18. i want to know when will robots and or A I become self aware is that 5 years or 50 years ? and how will that change
    how we live

  19. China is faking there 5G network

  20. Anyone see the video on the autonomous helcopter?

  21. when we will see featured the Oversonic Robotics humanoid robot?

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