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  1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 he said a no finish primary school sir.Yoruba demon eeeeeeeiiii!!!! Our parents should stop monitoring our love life in such a harsh manner…if I were to be Camila,I will my father to get married to me if he won't allow me to make my own choice ….
    This is wrong…. Not a matter of degrees but what makes u happy and believing in it .📌

  2. Common sense university
    This world is just matter of choice and determination 📌❤️👌

  3. Wow I love this movie
    I learn alont

  4. Bad friend and Ike is so jealous of Banji because he is so successful.

  5. Why is no one talking about the guard at 6:36? Hilarious 😆

  6. This Movie is on point. It reminds me of the reason why I love nigeria Movies in the 1st place. We are very good at our drama Movies. Unlike when we try to be Hollywood. The producers, directors and everyone else that was involved in making this movie should be proud of what they have done. Good job everyone. 👏 👏 👍 👍 👌👌. Oh, because I like this movie so much I have now subscribed to #NobleMovies

  7. Nice thick teddy bear is here.###bangii to the world❤️🇯🇲🇯🇲😂

  8. This movie is so beautiful and the life lessons learned are great

  9. Low budget movie but interesting 😝

  10. Leave Camilla alone 😂

  11. That's how some of this educated people act sometimes… So selfish and greedy 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  12. honestly parents like these shouldnt be allowed to have children. doing her like barbie rather than a person with a right to live her own life

  13. She is a torrid actress. No emotions…doesn't know how to react to shit happening around her, etc! Not too impressed and not sure why they cast her in this role. Camila.

  14. I have a problem with discriminate against the tribe my people we are Africans scattered all over the world we should show love to one another we are one .

  15. 30 minutes into the movie and I’m already loving it🥰🥰

  16. In this life we shouldn't under estimate anybody in this life

  17. Am in tears as banji tells his story 😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓

  18. that Bandji guy heee has a very funny accent

  19. Song name please I love this movie congratulations to the entire cast 🙏🏾❤️

  20. We think her father is involved he looks guilty & scared

  21. Bros, was I Ever Right, from the Beginning, I said that this Father is an Educated Fool but he is Worse, he is also an Educated Thug.

    He should be Charged and at least Go through the Court Process, so that he Learns his Rightful Lesson.

    This Begging for forgiveness in Cases like this Movie is Disgusting to Watch.

    And Banji, has learned a Hard lesson and now has to Sleep with One Eye Open and One Eye Close because his So Called Friend is Playing Judas Iscariot Again at the End of this Movie.

    Writers, please give the Viewers a Break, stop with the Mixed Messages at the End of these Nollywood’s Movies.

    There are Acts of Crimes which Involves the Court System and Jail Time;

    There are Wicked an unIntentional Acts based on Emotional Instability, Which Requires an Apology or Begging for Forgiveness;

    The Act of Kidnapping, intentionally Beating a Pregnant Woman, especially kicking her in her Belly to Kill that Child is a Criminal Offence;

    The Act of Food Poisonings to Kill another Person, is a Criminal Offence Etc.

    Writers of Nollywood’s Movies gotta get this Stuff Right and Show the World, that Nigeria is a Civilized Society which Upholds the Law.

  22. Becoming Chairman of any Club, One Needs an Educational Background, in order to further the Interest of that Club.

    So, it Really looks like this Banji Bros, will be back in the Classroom, soon because of his Wife to Be and his Career Ambitions Etc.

    But this Kidnapping Thing, that’s Far Fetch in a Movie like this, where not a Single Plot of Violence came into Play.

  23. Bros, this Friend of Banji is Rotten to the Core, O;

    Which is Different from Being Wicked and Evil,

    Like the Girl’s Father, he too, is an Educated Fool, with No Common Decency, running through his Veins, Pure and Simple.

  24. Bros, I think this Sister is Gonna have to Get Married to those 2 Degrees that she has;

    but the Problem is that, those 2 Degrees she has, Cannot Impregnate her and Give her Children.

    Luckily this is Only a Movie but to be a Racist based on Tribalism, then turn to Being Prejudice of One because of his Educational Level, should Send a Very Clear message to this Bros, that this Sister will Also Entertain this type of Behaviours based on her Parents Upbringing of her as a Child.

    So, who Gave this Father the Rights, to think that Educated People, like himself, are God’s Gift to the World?

  25. African parents shaaa! You can never win them. Don't go out, stay home. Don't have sex until marriage. Yet when you're old enough. They say, you're old enough to get married, how do you find a man locked up at home. They say give your husband good sex but don't ever have sex when you're not married. 😕🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  26. Well done guys it’s a very interesting story

  27. Movie so interesting 💯❤️

  28. Love and education (books) they hv no connection love is a feeling

  29. All the actors and actresses are on point 💯

  30. If I start now,they will say rosemary has started again 😂
    If I talk they will say am a mad dog 😂😂😂 that part got me 💪

  31. Great movie with a little bit of comedy

  32. I greet you everyone 🙏🏿🙏🏿. I love this movie. When Banji was explaining to Camilla why he don't get an education I cried. Yes good to have an education, but if it's not available common sense and street smart is the best education. I loved Camilla for standing by Banji 😘😘 excellent cast.

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