The Greeting Cultures of Nigeria “Hausa” “Yoruba” “Igbo” Tribes

The Greeting Cultures of Nigeria “Hausa” “Yoruba” “Igbo” Tribes

International Festival of Language and Culture
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  1. African Americans are related to the Igbo people who have been officially recognized as Israelites by the Obadiah Alliance A Sephardic Jewish Rabbinical Court.

  2. My boyfriend is from Nigeria and he is from the Igbo tribe

  3. Kindly note that hand shaking is note Igbo culture… It is nothing but westernization

  4. thank you for teaching us!!

  5. A bit insulting to call one group’s custom of greeting “more respectful” and another “less formal”. We all have different understandings of respect and formality

  6. I wish with every speak about an ethic group, the speaker was taken from the tribe itself. In this video, the speakers are the same

  7. Well said and very bold.👍👍

  8. Chioma… your outfits speak volume. You go girl!

  9. A very good presentation. Congrats.

  10. Well done Chioma! Good one.

  11. What a wonderful presentation Chioma!!!! Please keep it up!!! NCIS, well done and we would love to see more presentations from her classmates.

  12. Splendid! We are looking forward to seeing more videos about Nigerian culture from Chioma. I hope IFLC shares cultural videos from other conubtries.

  13. Wow, this is very nice. Very articulated and good presentation.

  14. Керемет 🥰🌺🌺🌺

  15. Ülkelerin (özellikle gençlerin) kültürlerini koruması ve sevmesi çok önemli. Bu değeri veren öğretmenlere teşekkürler.

  16. Удивительный 👌❤️

  17. This is beautiful… Thanks so much ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Wondeful presentation 👍

  19. That's a wonderful presentation of Nigeria to the world. Weldone Chioma Opara

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