THE GREATEST HISTORY LESSON EVER?! | history of the entire world, i guess (First Reaction)

THE GREATEST HISTORY LESSON EVER?! | history of the entire world, i guess (First Reaction)

I’m speechless… Rapper & historian buff Knox Hill reacts to history of the entire world, I…


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  2. I love how knowledgeable you are about history

  3. That video was funnier than it should have been. Am I a bad person for laughing when he just said “Europe decided to rape Africa,” it was funny in how blunt it was.

  4. Second religion was Judaism though

  5. Parents! – send your kids to whatever schools this guy went to. His breadth of knowledge is seriously impressive

  6. For me it is the reminder that no matter how much people blame "these days" they basically exist since the first person on Earth (or each continent) said "Look I controll all the FOOD!" That was probably the day socitiey was created and it'll most likely not go away as long as the people who are watching this for the last 5 and next coming years are "here to stay."

  7. Hands down to ya' knowledge dude

  8. 11:26 i mean, judaism is a whole religion that exists outside of christianity. Its not just the "old testament", it exists separately

  9. the moon aint real,it the backside of the sun

  10. Damn, wish this video existed when I could take AP World History. I would've left my teacher speechless if I presented this way and speed lmao!

  11. You should react to 'Fifty in Five' by the Hilltop Hoods. It has two things you love, great bars and historical references. The song covers 50 years of history in 5 minutes.

  12. It is ironic he used red for the slave and blue for the not slave in USA. Because that would have been a good time to show the dem and rep sides accurately. For the unknown, the democrate party were the slave owning south and Abe was essentially the president of the republican party, which was still going through some name changes.

  13. STOP SAYING SOCIAL CONSTRUCT! Time is not man made. We labeled and create a way of keeping track of it, but we did not create it! Most things people use "social construct" on are not, they are just not thinking about it correctly. STOP!

  14. This is very cool. Should be recommended viewing in secondary schools. Maybe then kids would grasp how all their disparate subject lessons tie together: geography, physics, history, politics..etc. and it would be FUN!!

  15. No, we didn't have that in India, so it's not European problem, it's their domestic African tribolism.)

    Phutu and Tutsi fought 100 years before the Europeans.)

    32:11 Bullshit, it's not bcs of blaming Germany Hitler get in Power.)
    And now you get russia, who being helped by everyone!) Everyone helping russia and forget about Ukraine and another 13 respublic.) So much money was poured into the Russian Federation that no one in the world was so kind to the defeated enemy who threatened to destroy the world.)

  16. time is as much social construct as space ( lenght). So not at all. It would existed even when humans would not. System of measurement of time ( in SI seconds like for lenght meters) is made up by humans, as well as language.

  17. Dude dropping your own historical knowledge gave me a new level of respect for you

  18. 3:13 No, time exist without human.) We just named it.)

    16:28 Madagascar being populated not by Africans Congoid race, but Africans Capoid race.)

  19. I don't really have faith in humanity.
    some are a little bit too addicted to screens.

  20. Time is not a social construct, it's a physical property. Time is the fourth dimension after height, length and width.

  21. He doesnt even mention Tartaria.

  22. They named Iceland and Greenland the way they did to trick new settlers into moving to Greenland rather than Iceland, so yeah – kinda brilliant.

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