The future of commodity trading will be digital on the blockchain, here's how – Atomyze CEO

The future of commodity trading will be digital on the blockchain, here's how – Atomyze CEO

With the advent of blockchain technology, it is now possible to “tokenize” assets and create…


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  1. Drink everytime she says "Brinks"

  2. Stop digitizing physical commodities! Buntch of crooks losers and fakes. Metals are going corporate full control of our finicial world and individual savings. Notice how she have a full corporate background….the fincial and accountants run the world and they run you!

  3. People in the comments care more about David's haircut than the guest lul.

  4. F-boy haircut to the max!

  5. Hmmmm…. This sounds just like AABB stock and AABBG crypto. Amazing!

  6. It’s cool. My hair has attitude too.

  7. I think dud’s hair is digitized.

  8. As expected, Bitcoin reached its all time high. It’s expected that the long volatile route to the top starts now, where I expect Bitcoin’s peak around Christmas.

  9. Tokenize your whole body!
    You will become nothing and you will be happy.

  10. Hold it, don't "tokenize it", aka fake it. Be honest with yourself and others.

  11. Yeah, they may want to talk to Reggie Middleton about this, he already owns the patent on this. Lol

  12. 🤣🤣🤣 That hair. David! Bruh!

  13. Im confused, can you stake these precious metal backed tokens? If not storage costs of physical will constantly siphon value away from the metal. Unless your counting on token appreciation to outpace those costs

  14. You THINK you will own, and you will be happy!

  15. davids hair is the biggest click bait

  16. David's HAIR!! 😱😱

  17. So on commodities we have futures – where you need to buy physically, then you have ETFs that are following the price of commodity, then you have these new coins, which are basically the ETFs + you can transfer them between wallets.
    They are getting crypto buyers to these existing markets. Dont expect to make 100x of this.
    Got it.

  18. These precious metals dealers should be ASHAMED of themselves 🤣. You can't tokenize those crappy metals after bashing the crypto industry as useless.

    You're loosing money that fast huh 🤣

  19. I would rather hold the physical than trust a third party. Their are to many criminals in the business world including government's

  20. nothing will happen with any digital token until govt says so

  21. Love the punk rock hairdo! Sounds like she’s basically talking about NFT’s backed by a physical object

  22. This is incredible for the future of crypto. Love the hair!

  23. You trying to set sail with that haircut ?

  24. Ouch….that is a nasty ass haircut. Did you get a bowl of soup with that?

  25. Can barely take Lin seriously with this hairdo!

  26. Every thing digital would last long

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