The End of Oil, Explained | FULL EPISODE | Vox + Netflix

The End of Oil, Explained | FULL EPISODE | Vox + Netflix

Oil led to huge advancements β€” and vast inequities.

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  2. Accept the Earth is nothing like a cavity.

  3. The dinosaurs lasted for over 100,000,000 years. Modern humans have been in existence of approximately only 200,000 years. Think of how destructive we are as a species.

  4. And how do you get all this you use gas oil

  5. I got a pennzoil add on this video

  6. 10:00 "when the regulator is paid by the operator you have corruption." Exactly like the FDA and pharmaceutical companies in the US.

  7. Abolition of money is the solution.

  8. the now wealthy countries have exhausted the earth, leaving the developing country little room to grow and develop

  9. Ignacy Lukasiewicz should be at least mentioned because the movie is mostly about Oil History. He invented the Oil Rafination and enabled whole industry to raise. Without rafination Oil is just a mineral.
    The oil corporations just uses his invention.

  10. disliked for focusing on oil companies that have absolutely no influence on the industry any more compared to the giant Saudi Aramco.

  11. I guess the thing that frustrates me most is that I certainly do not want to see the environment being destroyed as much as the next guy, however so many people who know nothing about the bigger picture are under this naΓ―ve illusion, which sadly is driven by corrupt media and corrupt big business who have something to gain, that all of our problems can be solved by just turning off fossil fuels and that it is that easy. People are so unwilling to see that everything we have today would not exist if it were not for them. Instead people think that batteries, solar, wind, nuclear and hydro technologies somehow solve all of our problems. To me its as simple as what came first the chicken or the egg? Steel doesn't make or dispose of itself, nor do batteries or solar panels, the same excavators emitting carbon pollution are mining silica as they are coal and so on and so forth. There is no easy answer, I am all for renewables it is the way of the future, however to people who aren't interested in seeing the bigger picture, I feel they just masquerade what is going on in the background, which nobody really has an answer for. Just because those solar panels sitting on your roof or that electric car you drive produce 'zero' emissions, don't be so foolish as to forget how they were made. Mining, smelting, manufacuring, using and then disposing. WAKE UP!!

  12. Started well but then this video went kind of into presenting random facts.

  13. i vividy remember being laught at evertime i mention putting solar on EVERY ROOF, specially in countrys that are "poor" but that would be the best solution, specially for africa!, i mean they got the sun, riiight?!

  14. The mention of leap-frogging and the explanation of why it's not possible in developing countries was satisfying to watch.

  15. the docuseries i never wanted but the docuseries i needed

  16. US and UK staged a coup just so its companies could get more profit frm oil sales ??? Politicans in West are scammers

  17. So after the west ruined the climate and claimed the profits they are now privileged enough to lecture developing countries on how to run their economies? Western colonialism is alive and well!

  18. why dobt we go back to horses?!

  19. In the middle of all these problems, big US companies think metaverse is what is needed in the world the most.

  20. So the your ideea is to become poor. But you have to give up everything first if you belive in that. So no heat and hot water for you first.

  21. They are pushing just against personal cars, witch are associated with freedom. You need oil for heat, shower and most everything else around us.

  22. If you will go in deep into any problem that exists in this world, why do I always hear or read Britain's name in it?

  23. the oil is so much that its leaking everywhere i wonder why its not being used/sold

  24. Development with fossil fuels has saved more lives than natural disasters have taken. If we’re going to get rid of energy dense petroleum, we need to replace it with an exact fuel that burns cleaner. Renewables and electric cars will negatively impact humans because they’re dilute forms of energy. VOLUMETRIC ENERGY DENSITY MATTERS!

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