The $ecrets Audi0 Of Pastor Bankole Finally Le@ke Out

The $ecrets Audi0 Of Pastor Bankole Finally Le@ke Out

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  1. What nonsense is this idiot of a guy taking about? The foolish Kings are collecting money from evil leaders, yet you want us to pamper them. What nonsense is that?

  2. Any Yoruba Oba who cannot defend his people and is not bold to speak against impunity bcos of the money he is collecting from politicians is a worthless king. His head should be cut off like pastor Bankole said. How long will a country continue with killings left and right and we are keeping quiet?

  3. We need more awareness for Yoruba people about advantages of Yoruba nation, starting from landlord associations,and each each marketing group.

  4. Owo ti won ngba na loje ki bankole na so be now. We must not be bias in saying the truth. Once the obas are taking money from the evil people then they are part and core of the problem.

  5. It's now that he's realising his foolishness after releasing an idiotic video the first time in order to run down Pastor Bankole!

    I guess his followers have talked some sense into his big head and that's why he's changed his mind about the pastor.

    The poor man is not even talking against Igboho, so why castigate him?

  6. Gbogbo Iyan ko lo ni lakaye. Pastor Bankole did the right thing only fools will not understand him. If anyone of you caller spent quarter of the money he spent you won't be saying all that foolish comments. You will never get help until they killed everyone that's when someone should come out? What exactly is wrong with your brain seriously. Yoruba lo ta yoruba, ariwo ko ni music, let anyone of you try what Pastor Bankole did. Awon olofo gbogbo

  7. My brother pls let's forget about it
    Let's talk to bankole one on one
    Pls let's stop it on social media

  8. What's d problem of dis clowns. Is dis d time to castigate bankole when he's standing for Yorubas. All u are talking is to stop him by using ur personal experience

  9. We want pastor bankole to lead us

  10. Shut up your mouth you are jealous of pastor Felix bankole, he is a warrior let's support him and collect our yoruba nation, because of your conspiracy see how you are sweating, why you too don't come out like pastor Felix bankole shut up i hate you since you talked negative against pastor Felix bankole.

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