THE DEVIL'S HEART 1&2 (New Movie) Chizzy Alich 2022 Movie Maleek Milton Nigerian Latest Full Movies

THE DEVIL'S HEART 1&2 (New Movie) Chizzy Alich 2022 Movie Maleek Milton Nigerian Latest Full Movies

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  1. This movie deserves an award
    The characters in this movie did a great job
    Well done

  2. Thank you actors and producers of this movie. It would hv been better if it's life practically and not movie

  3. Sonia ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. So sad thy started good n finish good

  5. Wow where can we get such resqure people and to stop the acuser of calling us their sons killer

  6. U dey Chop money u nor wan pay

  7. I literally cried. Excellent and superb acting. Great just great. Award movie

  8. The lady is acting perfect towards her husband

  9. I really enjoyed this movie I'm from united state s Columbus OH this movie was very good

  10. It breaks my heart that people loose their lives all because of money. God give doctors the knowledge to save people from suffering,rather than use it to help people,all they care about is money. There's nothing wrong in expecting to be paid but they won't even try to save their lives unless money is paid. No talk of a payment plan. Not everyone can afford to pay such huge amounts but if given the opportunity to make payments can save the life of their love ones.Where I live medical is free because my country understands the importance of life

  11. This movie is a bomb❤❤❤❤

  12. My lady chizzy alichi much love from Uganda 🇺🇬 ❤

  13. Can someone please make me understand why the females who are married that the husband families always cry fowl when the man dies? And why does the men always turns the wives into punching bags and the wives always cry out how much they love the husband. It's totally rubbish. I am not living with a man who turns ne into a beating stick. Money or not i am leaving. Excellent movie

  14. Soo much music can't hear what they are saying

  15. These two are very very good actors. Chizzy and Maleek thank you for making me happy. Every time I watch you two together in movies. It gives me so much JOY

  16. Love her heels❤️❤️

  17. Isn’t this the widows something.. vogue women supporting women

  18. what is it with you Nigerian men and children. Maybe your "Man Stuff" is broken. Why is it always the women who are at fault?? please come into the 21st Century!!! And another thing….. I wish my In laws would have stepped foot into my house when my hubby died of a brain tumor tryin to take my house and properties. Thank God for the good Ole US of A!!!

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