The Dark Truth Behind Barber Poles! #shorts

The Dark Truth Behind Barber Poles! #shorts

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  1. The ROLES and regulations.
    I love it 😂

  2. ngl thought it was for blood sweat and tears

  3. They didnt just do this during wartime. It was commonplace that doctors/barbers/pharmacists/dentists were all one occupation all at once.

  4. It's interesting to think we could've gotten Square Surgeon as well.

  5. This the explanation they give their parents when they ask why can't you be a doctor 😂😂

  6. Well it’s not for America

  7. SuperCuts struggles to give a decent haircut, imagine them try to perform a medical procedure on someone.

  8. And also only licensed barbers can have those to show that they are.

  9. That ain't no square that's an elongated rectangle 🔥

  10. If u already knew this gang


  11. I call it the” America pole”😂

  12. square head barber spittin fact 🔥🔥🔥🔥🆙🆙🆙🆙

  13. square barber givin out history lessons

  14. Me who thought the blue is crip when he said red is blood

  15. Me getting a fade..

    Square barber delivering a baby on the other side of the shop

  16. The blood for barbers were better known for amputations

  17. Thanks for the history lesson square barber

  18. Didn't know lolbymvok

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