The Crush — Oscar® Nominated Short Film

The Crush — Oscar® Nominated Short Film

Check out our latest award-winning short film, about love lost and moving…


  1. Some day, some girl is going to be lucky. I am still searching……

  2. Lovely film, layered, charming but with heartfelt emotion. All actors good, the boy excellent.
    More, please!

  3. Imagine this the other way. Couldn't b done

  4. 😍this made me remember my first crush My teacher when I may be class 3or 4❤️❤️😀
    She still so beautiful even when her brown hair turned into white 😂
    I respect her and keep my infatuation story within n keep moving as i did 25 years back .

  5. That's unusual story!there was something new in it!

  6. Good acting all and especially the little boy ❣️

  7. I thought the dude was Brad Pitt

  8. Haha… what a man!.. Yo ma maan mein.. 😆😀 love this 1

  9. Can't believe it's only fifteen minutes

  10. I think the man could have been very stressed at gunpoint so he just blurted those words to save himself… like that would be possible but the short story portrayed him as a bad guy soo… I still think it would be deeper if the fiancee was portrayed as a normal guy who just liked his way sometimes, and gave in to fear of death

  11. The love doesn't matter anything

  12. Thanks and i like this story

  13. Ugh. Let’s talk about how the teacher rewarded violence. Lol

  14. I don't know how it made me laugh when the rubber bullet fell on the ground 😂

  15. I have got a crush on that boy

  16. So well written, directed, produced, filmed, acted. Bravo! 👏

  17. Master Piece in 2022. Love from Sri Lanka.

  18. "I'll keep you posted" 😂😂😂😂

  19. If someone loves you, they won't put any earthly thing before you, and if youblive someone, you won't either.

  20. Honestly this is the worst short film I've ever seen. Exceptionally braindead

  21. This must be the absolute worst short film I've ever seen. With all the troubles affecting the youth today, this film is certainly part of the problem and not part of the solution. For starters, if the teacher was male and the student female, this film would not have seen the light of day. It's shocking that this could be presented as entertainment, when hundreds of students & teachers are killed every year in school violence around the world. I cannot give this film a passing grade at all. This should not have been nominated for anything, but that's the way of the world.

  22. Missin completed
    Respect 😎😎

  23. I think it's a hollywood trope that intelligent women fall for jerks.

  24. I cried for this Baby as i was like him!
    I knew my limitations, so I naver exposed….

  25. this is ridiculous.. 🥴🥴🥴

  26. Damn!! It was so Good😍😍

  27. And the moral of the story, boys and girls, guns fake or reals will always settle matters. Today are toys, tomorrow it will be big and REAL!!

  28. Someone please tell me the name of this soothing song in the background……

  29. wow" love goes down the drain differently" the child act so cute…

  30. Very nice video. I like it. Love from Bangladesh.

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