The CREEPIEST Man On Tiktok.

i… have no words anymore.

instagram: kaytlynstewart

  1. alright, i usually never comment on videos, but i feel the need to say smth, i hate how this world has to be extra extra EXTRA cautious. especially women. i’m super tired of having to watch what I wear when i walk out of the house in fear of being groped, i hate how i have to bend over to get or touch something with my knees instead of bending over how you normally would. i hate having to alter my day to day life because of sick men like him. i know it’s not all men, but it’s most.

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    Idiomas Entusiasticos July 11, 2022 at 10:39 pm

    If I saw a lone man with a cell phone at the park, I would remove my child and tell all other parents/guardians.

    because society has just conditioned me

  3. Tw: trauma brang up. I hate stupid shits like this. My neighbor that is now not anymore, dealed with my mother for weed, and there was many people living in the home. My mother is petite skinny, short, you get the idea. One of the people living there had a daughter, she was 12 at the time, i was 10 and me and her were friends, well her dad was a full on cp. He would tell my mom that she reminded her of a little girl and he liked her cause of that. He would sleep with his daughter, touch his daughter etc. He use to do that to me (not to much). He would grab my waste and call me weird names i got so fucking uncomfy by this.

  4. You are really beautiful.

  5. Why in the hell is he not arrested??

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