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It’s Work-Boot Wednesday on The Coach JB Show with Big Smitty Colorado Alum & 6 year NFL Vet Matt McChesney joins the show to discuss the latest Colorado Football & Deion Sanders news! Join us as we talk NFL Schedule Release, Caitlin Clark’s debut, Bronny James’ Jumpshot, and much more on The Greatest Show on Planet ERF! Like, Comment, and…



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  1. Smitty i finally agree with you about brady…i haven't watched it yet..seen clips…but i dont think taking the money has to do with comedians going a lil to far…they say they took shots a brady wife…but i bet, if brady does have hsrd feelings on her and has never said nothing in public, told those guys to go in her because obviously he cant in public, but they can..and the apology is or could be all cap…it waa planned all the way…the apology is just for kids and family…..dont understand why coach say coward…what coward gotta do with anything? What taking the cheese gotta do with it coach? I do believe it was rigged that way to clown wife and the apology

  2. I believe left has their portion of people who have typical left thoughts and same for right….but no one can tell me that there is also a huge portion of people on both sides that have the same thoughts…I also believe abortion is murder but I also believe in the woman can do what they choose to according ly..which I think most people think as well…this is not our grandparents/parents same political party…the left pump up made up humans and gay stuff and right are being joined by more minorities than ever b4…so what does it all mean…we used to think as I was growing up..left waa for poor and right was rich folks…now we have rich on left side…so now what…its all rigged, so people just understand what's going on

  3. Look into how an abortion is performed maybe you will independently think differently. I raised a set of twins who a Dr. said should have been aborted and product of assault. They are now 17 and beautiful humans. Not left or right but human life.

  4. For anyone saying Coach JB doesn't get people jobs just go back and look at the show and you will see Coach JB looked out for his closest friend that's always at his house and coach correct me if I'm wrong but last time I checked he's coaching in California. Also it's on record and kids have came out and said Coach JB has gotten them scholarships and they didn't even play for him so everybody in the chat STFU

  5. So why can these far left wing people speak there opinion on topics but as soon as conservatives speak they are the only ones who can get cancelled? Why isn’t it a two way street? It seems like only conservatives get “cancelled”

  6. Wait. Lol. @2:45:46, Smitty just explained everything the NBA is right now lo.

    The NBA is dribble, dribble isolation. Bronny’s game is actually better for team basketball on a college level like a Pepperdine or a smaller school.

    Spot up open look, shooters are a dying breed in the NBA look at Klay. If you can’t create your own shot, you’re dead. He said he wants to be a Holiday type of player which can work, but I think he might be a liability on D.

    Kid has a high motor though lol

  7. Hey Coach,

    You should add the subject matter at the bottom of the In Podcast Ticker, so fans can know what you guys are talking about.

    I know it’s a long show and you guys jump around within subjects, but I feel like it can really help the show.


  8. Coach I have so much to say but not going to bore you but you are so damn right on this, it is refreshing to hear you speak with such clarity. On dang it took a punter to make sense of where we are at, in today's climate it took some balls to go there, which is sad in itself. So these woke as liberals have the red ass and what him canceled, hell no. We need men to stand up and speak of there masculinity, give me more.