The Cast of Blood and Water React to Audition Tapes | Netflix

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The Cast of Blood and Water React to Audition Tapes | Netflix

We got the cast of #BloodAndWater back again to have them take a trip down memory lane – Their audition tapes that landed them their roles. Hold onto your seats.


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  1. I see the entire cast ne🤯🤯 but can we talk about Gail! She held on to the character for the entire 3 seasons! Never had a moment where I felt like, "opps! She could have" she did great through out! And then we have Ama 😰😰 yooo! She killed it! Murdered the character! Khosi as well

  2. Some of south Africa's most beautiful women cast here,, , love zama,, a natural DAT one,, n fikile is really beautiful,, as is pulengs mum,, Reece looks angelic, such beauty

  3. One thing I commonly examined is the facial Flexibility its absolutely Crazy Cause it allowed these Auditioners to play around with Emotional Gestures you know these are impressive especially the part when Gail took a Stance it was Breath taking it was incredible it was Marvellous as she Maintained and Contained , the reason I watched these it's because I'm preparing an Audition for the Queen and these were really helpful , Thank you so much Guys 🥺🙏