The Black Dahlia Murder | Verminous Remnant Tour | Day 10 | Toronto, ON

The Black Dahlia Murder | Verminous Remnant Tour | Day 10 | Toronto, ON

We cross the border and play a couple shows for our neighbors in the north. Alan gives a squeaky…


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  1. I have that Pilsner shirt still. Got when I saw them in TO back in the day. So glad y’all are touring. Can’t wait to see yas live again man. Much love.

  2. 0:26 is he texting while warming up his double kicks ?
    If so… that's next level shit right there :)

  3. They need to bring back the Pilsner shirt, Canada exclusive.

  4. Omg the guy that did the signature that was hilarious!!

  5. Brian's killin' it on vocals dude 🤘

  6. Saw the boys in Cincinnati last night. Fuckin amazing. Brian sounded great.

  7. Can't wait to see y'all in Vancouver 🇨🇦🤘

  8. Yo, The Black Dahlia Murder was fucking dope as hell in Baltimore last night!! All the bands were killer. I had an awesome time and I can't wait for you guys to come back again!! Thanks, guys. Also, Frozen Soul was pretty fucking sick, as well. I've never done push-ups at a show, but dude said to give him some push-ups in the pit and I was the first one in, LMAO! LET'S GO!!!

  9. See you guys next Wednesday! Going to rage, cry and laugh w my BDM fam! 🤘

  10. These guys do not disappoint great dudes !!great band !!, amazing great music !! Thank you for being relentless guys and pushing through, #fucshitup!! Doodz!!

  11. 1:37 Brian my brother!?!?! Your vocals are so scorched earth I love it! RIP Trevor, but since we have no choice and we are happy to welcome these bodacious vocals! No one else could or should do it! Fuck yeah!

  12. I think Brian is doing an awesome job 💚💚💚

  13. I'm so ready to see them this weekend in Atlanta. 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  14. I wake up every day looking forward to these videos. I'm so happy my favorite band is still going stong. Rest In peace Papa Trev. We love and miss the fuck out of you

  15. Lmaooo I'm Will at 3:49. Shouts to my buddy Brandon, not only was it his first Dahlia show it was his first metal show EVER. We all had a blast. I saw them at Saint Andrews in the 2000's and 2018 with Whitechapel… TBDM is hands down my favorite metal band. RIP Trev in my opinion greatest metal lyricist of all time.

  16. Ryan knight needs a sig guitar so bad. So deserving

  17. Black Dahlia Pilsner Shirt??? my 2 favourite things…

  18. Yesss I made it in the video 😂



  20. LMAOO the shoe !!!!!!!!

  21. I watch these in great anticipation for the night tbdm come to Los Angeles ❤🤘😎

  22. I'm living vicariously throu all those peoplein these videos ❤

  23. 2:20

    That dude's my hero lol. Didn't even skip a beat. "Absolutely."

  24. that fuckin guy signing the tatas LMAOOO

  25. Epic show, my first show back since 2019 before Covid and I am Thankful to be there to see you guys back! I look forward to your return again to Toronto! Great dudes and Great tunes! Wish I could relive this all over again!

  26. First person I ever showed Black Dahlia to was my highschool music teacher. It was 2003 and I showed her Apex. She told me the band was nothing special and they wouldn't go far. 20 years later and TBDM continue to prove her wrong. It was an absolutely killer show in Toronto. Seeing Ryan and Brandon trade solos was such a treat. I'll be there everytime you guys come back to Toronto.

  27. This band is the true definition of perseverance.

  28. Beaver tails and Pilsner

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