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  1. Whites never held me ba 15:08 ck. If anything a Blk would try. All Blks did not grow up in ghettoes. I did not and Im pass forty five. Raised in a safe and middle class neighborhood. Parents and Grandparents worked hard to make sure of that. Things wasnt always perfect family can have family issues at times like every race poor or rich and in between. Time to stop making excuses. Poor was always here but there was a time Blks did not kill all day long or disrespect elders or just total out of control with disrespect for life. They now days hate each other with a passion. Have more opportunities then the old days but many wont go get it cause of their mentality. You think Whites dont have issues in their homes and lives? So its no excuse for all this crime snd destruction to each other in the community.

  2. Personally, I have Voluntarily been in Counseling for the last three or four years. My diagnosis is "Generalized Anxiety," which is the equivalent of "Post Traumatic Stress." I have been practicing "Art Therapy" since I was 5 years old. No wonder I have a U.S. Patent, and FOUR International Art Awards from a Famous Museum Overseas…

  3. P.S. We had things under control until I joined the National Guard in 1974, which I should have discussed with the Panther Party before making that decision. Before I went to Basic Training, I told those in my circle what to watch out for while I was gone. I was only gone for 6 months. When I got back home the damage was done. What I had warned against had happened exactly the way I said it might happen…

  4. I am a Senior Black Man who grew up in a so-called affluent Black Community in Los Angeles County. When I turned 13 Boys from Other Hoods were always trying to invade out of jealousy. But, we didn't have any money. Our parents had money. We grew up protecting our neighborhood like it was Switzerland. See, we got all the funding places like WATTS did not get. In other words, we had things like Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Teen Posts. We also had a Junior High School designed to produce future Black Inventors. I am one the first generation O.G's from the same neighborhood that Brandy comes from. Back in the day we had LA Rams, people like Ken Norton, and high ranking Black Panther Members.

    To get to the point, affluent Black Communities have problems too. The last thing we needed was invasions from surrounding Self-Hating Black Communities trying to get our neighbors to join gangs. Why would we need gangs? Our circumstances were entirely different. Nevertheless, we had to band together to keep gangs out of our neighborhood. We also decided that we didn't want hard drugs within our borders, and our Parents decided that they didn't want the Police in there. Back then, there was no Police Station in my City, which was like a Rosewood. The policy was, we would handle our problems ourself. Believe it or not, out biggest problem was NOT Compton. It was the Black CenterView Section of Gardena, which makes no sense. We had Tract Homes, they also had Tract Homes. So why couldn't we just get along? Because, apparently CenterView had more Mentally Ill than we did. Therefore, we had to have a Volunteer Army to defend against Gangs with nothing better to do than try to shoot up the houses of the so-called Rich Black Teenagers. The Willie Lynch Syndrome. And that's how we went from Brotherly Love to a House Divided around the Mid 70's. I'm sure it was all instigated by COINTELPRO, and the Black Community in LA County has been Mentally Ill and spreading it thru the Grapevine every since. According to FBI documents, one of the purposes of the COINTELPRO program was to "expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize the activities of the Black Nationalists".

  5. A new study from a Columbia University research group enforces the fact that the relationship between poverty and crime is far from predictable or consistent. The Columbia study revealed that nearly one-quarter (23 percent) of New York City’s Asian population was impoverished, a proportion exceeding that of the city’s black population (19 percent). The study contains an even more startling aspect: in New York City, Asians’ relatively high poverty rate is accompanied by exceptionally low crime rates. This undercuts the common belief that poverty and crime go hand in hand.

  6. 100% true. How can we fix this? I grew ubp in detroit and I said multiple times, a person doesn't have to go to the armed forces to get ptsd. You can get it living in some areas you grew up in. Over abusive parents add to the fire as well.

  7. 11:47 new to the channel but that’s a hill I’ll die on rn. Black boys get m*lested or r*aped and nobody cares. I can’t (25+yo black man) do anything with a woman under 18, rightfully so. But why do so many black boys have sex stories from under 18 from women over 20 something and nobody called that spade a spade? Why is s*xual abuse towards men brushed over or congratulated? If a man does it nobody cares because “you’re a man too, defend yourself.” And we expect these men to be all the way there when they grow up? How?

  8. It's hard to feel the absolute depth of someone else's Pain or Joy. Is hurt people hurting other people (for any reason) about racism or just an extreme case of selfishness? Look at any crime committed against another and You'll also see the essence (spirit) of selfishness. When You look at the spiritual cause, you'll see why no Soul is exempt from experiencing Pain or dispensing Pain and suffering. The cycle begins, ends or Self perpetuates by way of choice


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