The Biggest Sneaker Releases of 2022 | The Complex Sneakers Podcast

The Biggest Sneaker Releases of 2022 | The Complex Sneakers Podcast

The Complex Sneakers Podcast is co-hosted by Joe La Puma, Brendan Dunne, and Matt Welty. This…


  1. What is the most anticipated sneaker of 2022?

  2. Pen mark come off after 15 seconds with warm/hot hairdryer

  3. Not Meals by Cug but ‘Deals with Cug’ and he just describes what he thinks about a shoe w/Joe at sneaker shops “this shoe is comfortable and wide just like ya sister”

  4. Those Boots are classic! People have been sporting them for 40-50 years or longer!

  5. Aye, the Niketalk days. I been on there since 1999

  6. The small talk makes this podcast. Salute to you guys.

  7. I feel like they be talking way too much just about some shoes just show some of them pictures.

  8. Alright, so I'll keep posting this on every episode in 2022 until eBay and Complex let overseas folks participate in the giveaway… If we can sell on eBay and pay fees, we should be able to participate

  9. Love from vegas!!! Gotta visit CRSVR next time though.

  10. Great episode. I'm not super hyped about the majority of the shoes and I've never been into the Louis Vuitton branding on anything. The orange case looks much better than the shoes themselves. But good luck to anyone who wants them.

  11. So this is what a present day mid-life crisis looks like. In the1980s it was sports cars and a young arm candy. Present day it's only shoes and podcasts .🤮🤮🤮

  12. should of called it Air Max 6 and called it a day. Get Nike on the phone

  13. Where are all the collabs at? We had way more and way better collabsast year and the year before already. The red thunders are basically the only big drops this year. SNKRS app has some bullshit mid 6s coming up. No one wants those lol

  14. The grail I am after is the Air Jordan 1 OG High "Banned" AKA BRED…
    I would LOVE to see that come back this year. But we will probably have to wait three more years to get the 40th anniversary (hard to believe that) retro in 2025! #EBAYgiveaway

  15. I'm Luke warm on the Hot Steps, however I do LOVE leather, if it's a good high quality leather I'll consider grabbing a pair.

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