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  1. The background(tender heart song about Chibueze….achipakachu achipakachu or whatever that word is) music is so unbelievably soothing. Love it so much! Can i/we know the singers name we want to purchase it. Please! Thanks
    From Uganda.

  2. If the wife was working it could help them. As a woman you dont sit at home just because you think your husband has money

  3. Onny and his real daughter in the same movie..that's nice

  4. Arinze, Arinze, Arinze hold your ears well, how many times did I call you? You have suddenly forgotten when your call to you brother in the city was endless. Ungrateful human being. You wouldn't even answer your parents call how mean.

  5. Shaggy you are very useless, allowing your wife to control you and tell you what 2 do, hummm the way you are treating and ignoring your mother, becareful

  6. Onny's mother is about to unleash her true colors now

  7. Onny's mother is worrying about the bread and so on😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, she can't even ask hes son what's wrong?

  8. Am suspecting alinze and Alex is behind onnys predicament

  9. I was laughing out loud when chibueze's brother was talking nonsense and their daughter was just looking at her uncle with her mouth open 😂😂😂

  10. A bad wife is shapper than dagger..

  11. I have a feeling Giniika us aware of what's happening to Onny

  12. That's why you have to save for rainy day you don't spend money on family. Let them get a job.

  13. Some family members it's better to keep them in the poor place and help them. People's heart are wicked

  14. What about when the brother did have u and u ungrateful wife in is house wicked brother kmt

  15. Arinze you very wick you are being controlled by the so called wife you get married to you forget that is that your elder brother that gave you the money you used to marry that devil remember this life no balance that's why people no longer help people because they know when they balance they will turn back at them .

  16. Omg the husband is messing around with his wife friend smh

  17. Arinze is a very greedy and ungrateful somebody.
    How could you do that to your elder brother who was very supportive when you are nobody.
    You must be very stupid, nonsense!!!!!!

  18. May God Almighty save our brothers from wives like Ginika. This mother in law is wicked and ungrateful 😒.

  19. Shaggy character is exactly like his mother ….. greedy and foolish

  20. So you can not help your bother and his family🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 this life no balanced 🤔🤔💔at all

  21. So their useless second son is too busy womanizing to send his parents money. He also, forgot it was his brother that Led him to the guy who gave him the contract.

  22. Very nice move and interesting much love for you guys

  23. Selfish brother and wife

  24. Beautiful show topped up with befitting music. Lovely!

  25. Nollywood's life lessons are what distinguishes African movies from the so called Hollywood meaningless noise. Keep up Nollywood. Great guys. We honestly love and respect your life talent.

  26. When the chips are down you know your true friends and family that will stand with you

  27. I hate his mother. Smh. All she worried about is him comin empty handed instead of finding out if they are ok

  28. Arinze you have forgotten so soon like seriously 🤔people are so wicked hoo😭this Arinze's mother is something else if you want money call your son Arinze to give you

  29. This movie really touch my heart I share tears when I see then going back to the village😢

  30. Shaggy and his mother are birds 🐦 with the same furthers they fly together I know Onny will bounce back and Ginika and her husband will definitely go back to poverty again

  31. Not every blood is ur blood 🩸 Sorry bro it’s just a lesson for everyone also is not every dog you in the street hungry u should feed because some dog are looking for strength to bite you even chop ur finger join

  32. Things like this happen every day …everyone should be careful who de help ….

  33. Am talking of money you are talking about mamaaa😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂which kind of mother is this

  34. Ok waiting for 7&8 Parts and others!

  35. Thanks Real Nollywood Great Movie and All the Parts are Right in line Awesome work! Blessings

  36. What a wicked husband and wife

  37. Ok all the men watching this movie should be aware of wife like Ginicka, flee away from such women.
    Also every married woman, should have a backup, private account where you safe money for raining days. If onny had a personal account, it would have save them now.

  38. The father's brother is responsible for their misfortune.He was very hurt when their mother put her hand into his pocket and took the money he got from Onny's father

  39. This Onny's mother her daughter in-law Arinze wife is like her she is also ungrateful money money Chizzy becareful now that you don't have money ur mother in law will not pamper you

  40. Wow Arinze you wicked you and ur wife are evil 😈 so all this while you were envious of ir brother u never loved him this world full of surprises

  41. But that was dangerous inno, getting up and running away before the carjackers left, could hv been shot and killed. Safest to stay lying down till they've gone.

  42. Please upload the rest of the parts

  43. Arinze your own is good👏👏👏 High level of wickedness

  44. Wifes respect your husbands. As for Ginika and her husband they should remember that god is watching

  45. This is why being a house wife is a bad idea…she should have had a clothing business or something so that she could help her husband now that he needs it!!!!

  46. The sister is always in bed not school 😆 🤣 😂 😹

  47. Lesson learn in a hard way😔
    Chai life🤭

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