Teens surprise math world with Pythagorean Theorem trigonometry proof | 60 Minutes

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Teens surprise math world with Pythagorean Theorem trigonometry proof | 60 Minutes

A high school teacher didn’t expect a solution when she set a 2,000-year-old Pythagorean Theorem problem in front of her students. Then Calcea Johnson and Ne’Kiya Jackson stepped up to the challenge.

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  1. And this is what happens when we school our own children they don’t have to worry about discrimination racism etc and be the best they can without those demonic distractions from these other nations especially Esau

  2. All I see is two powerful, intelligent, EXCEPTIONAL Black women. Well done ladies!!!!! Give them full ride scholarships to wherever nowwww!!!!!

  3. So wonderful in every regard: wonderful girls, wonderful manners and language, wonderful accomplishment, wonderful teachers, wonderful school.
    I am happy I found this video. Some good news are needed from time to time.

  4. Congrats to both of these amazing students. What an incredible achievement! They are clearly brilliant and no doubt have great teachers. These two will go far in life.

  5. People need to stop claiming the race and sex BS, they are such an outdated crutches. The reason that it’s so surprising and amazing is bc they are so young and nothing else.
    What happens to the girls that don’t want to follow their strict rules? Any school with such high expectations and strict requirements in order to attend are going to be left excellent students.
    The challenge is not sifting the student body for the best students in every way, but how to get across to the kids that do not have the ability/capacity to reach such levels as what appears to be gifted students.

  6. Proud of these young ladies, nothing to do with race nor gender…I loved math but never though nor even knew that there was no proof for the theorem, until this came out. I'm also black and my joy for them is ppurly for the work. It is none the less a great accomishment if it was an old white man with Phd's behind their name.

  7. Hellooooo – Lets talk about the power and effectiveness of Black women (and WoC) in our society. Michele Obama, Jasmine Crockett, AOC, Fani, Willis, Letitia James and so many more. I feel such gratitude for their voices. It's a little hyperbolic but I feel they are saving our nation right now. SO much talent. And would you EVER see 2 men being interviewed for such an accomplishment be so humble? Never…. – old white lady, usa.

  8. This completely contradicts that misguided, bigoted, misogynist Harrison Butker uncalled for "speech." Even the nuns of the Benedictine convent affiliated with the college decried what he said. I'm not Black or Catholic but I am a woman and I'm proud of these girls' and the school's achievements. Way to go!

  9. These girls are right. Thinking mathematically is the best way to make it and make it out in any path you come across. See them in 5 years… 🚀🚀

  10. Congrats on this, but I guess race had to be made an issue sadly……..I think it's amazing that these kids did this and aren't even interested in math and yet persevered. It's also amazing that this went unsolved for so many years and all it took was a couple of teenagers to sit down and be creative…….I suppose at some point, once an "expert" proclaimed this was unsolvable, no one bothered to try anymore……..so, I guess let that be a lesson that nothing is impossible……and shame on people for making race and even gender issue.

  11. Oh that makes me very angry. People saying that 3 black female teens can't solve a very tough math problem but they did it!! Those girls are amazing and deserve to be praised not having naysayers put them down because of the race, age, gender. I really hope great powerful colleges are looking for these 2 unbelievable young women. These 2 young women have very bright futures ahead of them. Don't listen to those outsiders who want to make this accomplishment feel small. Yell from the tree top just how spectacular you are. I really. Look forward to the many way you will improve all lives. You go girls. Mom and dad be so proud them because they're going to change the would for the better. Congratulations, you truly deserve it!!🎉🎉😊

  12. As a PhD statistician with an undergraduate degree in mathematics, I can say that the mindset that they used to come up with these proofs is exactly the mindset that makes a good mathematician. It's not about being a genius, it's about being patient, persistent, and creative. That said, these skills will also help them in the fields of pharmacology and environmental engineering that they are choosing to pursue. There is no reason for them to go into math if that isn't where their main passion is, I am just saying that they definitely could do it if they wanted to.