Sylvester’s Dad Will Not Bury Him? Ubi Franklin Baby Mama Marriage In Shambles, Husband Cheated?

Sylvester’s Dad Will Not Bury Him? Ubi Franklin Baby Mama Marriage In Shambles, Husband Cheated?


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  1. May God Almighty judge all of you

  2. Wow! A Town Hall Meeting! A Leader was provoked, and threw away what was on the table. Did you folks saw that? Is that the change will need? That's the beginning. Be warned ⚠️.

  3. Thank you Prophet Jeremiah Omoto. Thank you sir.

  4. Daddy freeze will not see this one oooo

  5. Mr Abraham thanks for your good works.

  6. Why can't they ask the doctors to read out the results

  7. Nigerian men never treat Nigerian women the way they treat these goal diggers. Because of inferiority complex they’ll take absolute rubbish from these women but when it comes to Nigerian women they all remember their stupid culture!😡

  8. You did well sir God bless you.

  9. Sylvester must get justice either they like it or not matter how they try to cover it. How can they come out to tell us that he die a natural death what nonsense who are they trying to fool they think that all Nigeria is stupid or what. If it's in a place like us Canada or UK that CP give such report I am sure that he and those doctor who have collect money to give us rubbish report should have been close their job by now. Nigeria is a zoo that is why anybody can come up and just say anything he likes on air and expect us to believe that.

  10. Welcome to our channel 💯💯

  11. Her parent suppose to have consult doctor to remove one immidiately she was born.

  12. Hmm.. Abraham, you out did yourself today 😊 We appreciate your work.

    A 12yr old dying of natural death? Something need to be done! May God do what we can’t! Hearing that really broke my heart.

    That’s lady.. idk if she is a preacher or what!! Marrying for money, can never be a good thing! Never! I pity her! But she should marry a Nigerian for love ❤️ 🤣🤣

  13. Chaiii Jesus Christ help this family to get justice for these boy O God prove your self that you are the omipotent and omipresent God

  14. 👍👍Thanks for the UPDATE

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