Sweden To Withdraw Troops From Mali

Sweden To Withdraw Troops From Mali

Wongel Zelalem reports on Sweden deciding to withdraw its troops this year from a European special forces mission to the Sahel region, and will review its U.N. contribution after the arrival of private Russian military contractors in Mali,…


  1. why are all these other countries put troops in AFRICA Continent and AFRICA don't have troops in other countries ?

    CHASED those crazy bald heads out of AFRICA Continent now..

  2. There are billion of black people with nappy hair or wool, why they don't start hating one an other and unifity for the greatness of the black race, the white race done it, the Chinese done it, the east Indian done it.

  3. It's doesn't matter they can come back whenever they want to smh

  4. Wheeennnn will some African leaders learn that NO ONE EVER “helps” w/o their hand out for something more valuable in return?!?! So, you now use the rats to get rid of roaches?!?🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. This is great news. It also seems linked to France being asked to leave Mali, as a sign of European solidarity.

  6. Why are some of these African countries letting these European countries set up shop it's their fault they let them mess things up🙄

  7. All of those EUROPEAN nations taking their troops out of Africa makes me nervous. I don't trust them. I hope there isn't anything negative that has been planned. African family, be careful.

  8. They’re going to sabotage Mali and what Russia has been doing.

  9. Why are swedish troops there anyway 🤦🏾‍♂️, Well Troops will leave but sanctions will follow.

  10. U better believe Satan will return

  11. Lol I see you slipped "Russian Mercernaries" at the end.🤣😂😂

  12. Great news ! They should also withdraw colonialist mind set too. And realize Africans are humans too. With a unique culture. With strength and weaknesses like any other nation. Inferio to none. Superiorr to none.

  13. goodbye, above all, don't come back to the continent.
    the non-African armed also must leave especially French.


  15. That’s great to hear but are they really leaving 🤔 they need to be in Sweden every other European group needs to leave United States need to leave Samoli

  16. lol, they support freedom in ukraine but not in Mali. OBTW, where is the ECO currency?

  17. Why was Sweden there anyway? Oh it was to stop the islamist extremist they trained

  18. The cargo bays and all luggage should be checked for valuable artifacts prior to departure.

  19. This isnt good. We are on the verge of ww3 and as russian and China are in Africa. It's means Africa will be a target. The withdrawal of these European armies is a sign.

  20. Why was sweeden there any way?

  21. France was thrown out by the Malian government, they didn’t decide to leave as the news report and macaroni suggests,
    He’s trying to save face and french embarrassment.

  22. France, Denmark and Sweden were all over there and didn't complete the mission. 9 years..wtf ws were they really doing

  23. Utt ur Mali Sverige, åk hem till Putin 😂

  24. Non Africans should leave the whole damn continent, they’re neither wanted or needed.

  25. Sweden?! as well? France and Denmark are gone only the germs left and those cheeky Nazis are refusing to go!

  26. The Russians move in and NATO moves out. Putin is making his way into Africa also the EU may feel they want their troops in their countries JIC Putin attacks them or other NATO members or allies. This is not good for Africa. A wolf comes in sheep's clothing.

  27. France is one of the evilest countries in the world. To use the blood of Africans, still to this day is very sad. And their ability to make themselves looks like a savior. France is number in Gold, in World, how that happened? Killing Africans for centuries, still do to this day.

  28. It'll be party time in Mali when the last of the peace keepers leave. The Islamic militants will rip through the country like wildfire. Soon you all will be bitching why whitey isn't helping them. F you all.

  29. It’s about time they leave! There’s been illegal military occupation in African countries by Europeans! LET THEM GET OUT!

  30. Let's keep Africa in our prayers!!!

  31. Please take embassies, and dismantle surrounding military bases, especially Africom. Then we can say they have left Africa.

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