Sudanese in All out Protest After Arrest of PM in Ongoing Coup by Military General

Sudanese in All out Protest After Arrest of PM in Ongoing Coup by Military General

Welcome back to the 2nacheki channel. Here is what is happening in Africa now.

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  1. I think if the continent of Africa had a court where the people who voted a leader in can go with their complaints about the leader, a place that can order any leadership or leader that isn’t doing their job right and the people want him/her out, that court holds that power to order them out,won’t it be fantastic instead of having coups all the time or the court could evaluate leaders once a year on their performance.
    The person that is going to be leading that court shouldn’t be influenced by anyone or any other country/continent on their decision.
    Financial report is given to the public once a year, payments are made online to avoid it go into an individual’s hand and all payment are accounted for just imagine. I’m just day dreaming 🤔😂

  2. The world is in Chaos indeed

  3. The military and right wing militants have been fighting in America ever since President Donald Trump was overthrown.

    Y’all aren’t the only ones in shambles. They just don’t report our situation like they report yours but make no mistake…it’s the same thing going on here!!

  4. Coup, tribal warfare, political unrest, violent looting, cars burning in the streets? Can you guess the continent?

  5. Continue to blame the west for your stupid actions and see if anything would change. All I see is africans continuing to think that someone is responsible for their problems. Nope. Lack of accountability and nothing will change.

  6. My prayers are with the Sudanese
    I remember I did a poster for Sudanese after Bashir was overthrown
    Come on guys
    Sudan is a very nice country 👌 and powerful indeed 👌
    We need to help it
    I like the Sudanese spirit always fighting back unlike coward zomalis always running 🏃‍♂️ away

  7. May the light be with you all.
    World is burning.

  8. Do not trust Egypt, never brothers !

  9. This has the fingerprints of US and Jeffry Feltman all over. Wake up brothers and sisters of Sudan.

  10. Brothers and sisters if Sudan be advised, this us the work of Egypt. They only care to have a puppet government under a puppet like general Alburhan who only answers to his Egyptian masters and western masters.

  11. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  12. When dictator Abdulfatah Alsisi of Egypt overthrown a democratically elected president,Mohammed Mursi, we didn't say a word. Now those same forces in the west and middle east is son ng the same distraction to Sudan . we talk about freedom but we still live in the same mentality. Let's educate ourselves and wake up.

  13. It's so shameful that Africans after many years of independence can't manage their own affairs .

  14. When the US envoy to Africa, Jeffry Feltman, is around, there'll be always a coup or some sort of unrest in Africa, mostly in the hosting nation. Now they shed crocodile tears. Really disappointing. My thoughts are with Sudanese people.

  15. Unfortunately the protest looks STAGED. It's really not an all out protest. You just have one person hollering and a few people repeating what he is shouting.
    An all out protest will have wall to wall people who are extremely violent. This is just another form of malicious propaganda.

  16. The wishes of the people must be accepted. They do NOT want the coup.

  17. Democracy and the embracement of the western culture and values, is the result of this. The west is facing crisis, so is everyone who followed them blindly

  18. Be specific or stop the video if u don’t know Africa ia not a country . This Susan in Afrika one country out of 52 countries not whole Africa pls

  19. Which Sudan now?? There are north or south?

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