Steve Harvey Gets Uncomfortable Seeing Pic of His Daughter with Michael B. Jordan

Steve Harvey Gets Uncomfortable Seeing Pic of His Daughter with Michael B. Jordan

Watch Steve Harvey get hilariously uncomfortable as he’s shown a photo (that he’s never seen…


  1. "for money i could do more" cracked me up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. These two human is my inspiration 😍❣️

  3. Dolce Gabbana pajamas. Those people never really wanted or expected blacks to patronize their establishments. Black celebrities never think of using their wealth to scout up and coming Black designers and creating their own brands. It's I got mine so now I can give it all back to the other man instead of the brother man.

  4. What are you getting upset and she’s not your daughter. You have her Mama be satisfied.

  5. He's he's hot he's hot Steve Harvey is great

  6. "Its hard to get to 65"

    Me realizing I'm half way there :

  7. Unc Bernie Mac>>>>>>>>>> Steve Harvey

  8. I never seen that picture before 🤣😂😂🤣🤣💀

  9. that training video was directed by Michaael Bay..

  10. I wish Ellen could stay o. Forever. Her show lightens my spirit. Gonna miss Twitch too! Thank you for all the happy-heart days!

  11. Because he know Michael B. in those guts

  12. Steve just stole Ellen's show for a moment

  13. Ya know how i get MY kids to mind? Wanna know how? DONT……..HAVE ANYYYYYYYY. Boom. No misbehaving brats or horn dog offspring looking for the D or the P.

  14. One picture. Targets got pajamas. Lol

  15. Islam teaches u to be the best …so that u can’t be feel un comfortable …

  16. Imagine Ellen’s face, if this were Kayne 😂😂😂

  17. Ellen is almost always a malicious person. She chose that picture for a very specific reason to encourage a very specific response. As a father, showing a sexually provocative picture doesn't feel nice because it contradicts the purity of your love for your daughter and distorts it. Remember, he raised her, that's his little girl.

  18. Does Ellen have her own clothing line?

  19. Ellen understood the insult assignment.

  20. I Clicked On This To See The Photo Reaction! Ih Cant Believe In Watching CuNtDeGenere!😩🤦🤷

  21. Both of you all look absolutely Fantastic..

  22. Steve I guess you like your daughter being with michael hirdan

  23. She’s a blessed young lady to have Steve raise and love her as his own

  24. His daughter fine af but she done been wit all of hip hop

  25. He shouldn't be upset about this lol. Michael B is a good person.

  26. Oh boy. If you all only knew the other side of her. I worked closely with her for 4 years. She is defiantly the spawn of Satan

  27. He's really bragging about the pajamas

  28. I love that the show literally titled it this

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