Stephen A. WAS SHOCKED to hear this Kevin Durant & Luka Doncic HOT TAKE 🔥 | First Take

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Stephen A. WAS SHOCKED to hear this Kevin Durant & Luka Doncic HOT TAKE 🔥 | First Take

On First Take, Stephen A. Smith, Tim Legler and Shannon Sharpe join Molly Qerim to talk through who has the most pressure in the Western Conference. Legler thinks both Luka Doncic and Kevin Durant have the most pressure, which caused Stephen A. to verbally gasp before he places James Harden’s name on the list.


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  1. No. If Suns wins it all, people will turn to Booker, not KD. So essentially no pressure for KD because Sun wins or loses, either way he will NOT get recognized.

  2. The bias of Stephen A is absolutely wild. He finds every reason to put an asterisk on Kawhi’s 2 rings yet holds KD’s 2 rings in such high regard. Fact is KD’s are far weaker than Kawhi’s.

  3. LOL stephen A is hilarious in his harden hate. Harden is the 3rd best player on the clippers KD is #1 on the suns. Who has more pressure? If kawi cant play the pressure will be low with the expectations. I'll bet all three of these guys were picking bucks for the title after they picked up lillard. Dame hasnt won even a second round series in 10+ years and shoots 41% int heplayoffs for his career. The trade was a "masterstroke" that was going to win a ring. But they like Dame he is their kind of guy. They get to erase all their terrible predictions year after year and they get cred? NAAAAAH! We need a stink score for these analysts, how bad are they? Who said the nugs couldnt win? Who had the bucks or lakers in the finals last year. They have no cred with me, none of them even made a decent forecast for years. They should be rated for actual results in their prediction expertise.

  4. Tim Legler and Shannon Sharpe are right. Stephen A is wrong. Everyone knows Harden is not a winner. He's a great talent that never knew how to win. However the verdict is still out on KD. He won MVP's in both of his title runs. But he had a championship nucleus already in place. If he wins in Phoenix that will take his legacy up to another level.

  5. The biggest pressure to win chip is on KD and Damian Lillard..Nobody expects anything good from Harden in the playoffs…Luka doesn't have a big time big man to help him like Lillard does…Kyre and Luka are the greatest show on earth to watch..but their team is not constructed for a chip..they need a dominant big man

  6. Tim is right on point with KD , Harden comparison…nobody and I mean nobody expects much from Harden in playoffs..harden hasproven himself to be a playoff bust year after year..and hasn't won anything despie playing with Kyre, George, Westbrook, and KD twice, ..he's option 3 on his team. KD is option one and has 2 allstars to back him up. Tims statement that all chip are not a like and he is right..

  7. SAS is dead wrong here. James Harden is a loser and NO ONE, NOBODY have any expectations of him winning. His LEGACY won't be tainted if he doesn't win one. Many VERY TALENTED PEOPLE with less controversy have not won a title. Patrick Ewing, Steve Nash, SO MANY, did that taint their legacy? So, why would Harden be the "most under pressure" to win? It'd be Durant, cos he's got SO MUCH TALENTs playing with him, and he can't win one. Which means the his 2 rings, is because of the Warriors, not the other way round.

  8. I think my respect for Stephen A gone downhill fast especially when he and Shannon talks about individual against Windy and Windy talk about Basketball. STFU both of y'all. Editor. This comment section is for nothing if you put it out without them actually seeing these YouTube comments but Twitter only. smh. Stop posting this nonsense.

  9. Jokic & Westbrook won WVP from 6th seed. Why can't the best individual 5th seeding Player from the MAVS cannot win his MVP. NBA makes no sense now.

  10. Stephen a, man, if Lebron had Book and Beal the past couple years and did what KD did with the suns, you’d exclude him from the GOAT conversation. Sincerely, why does KD get a pass?

  11. There’s more pressure on the Celtics to win the championship than any other team. I’ve heard it over and over this season that it’s Bostons best chance and theirs to loose.


  13. I don’t agree with Shannon on that Lebron take. When he went to Mia they lost the finals their first run so I think there was more pressure on Miami Lebron to win his first ring then when he came back to Cleveland.

  14. Let name few where is Embid, Jason Tatum James harden, Damian lillard, SGA the guys you wanna give them limelight during the regular season for doing nothing in playoff…they all shrink..durant and luka will outshine all them together

  15. These guys are great analyst/promoters of the nba. Very impressive, they’re making me want to watch the entire western conference playoffs.

    Edit: is it them or is the western conference just that good?