''South Africa Should Side With Russia'' Says Julius Malema

''South Africa Should Side With Russia'' Says Julius Malema

Wongel Zelalem reports on Julius Malema Saying “Russia imposed sanctions in apartheid SA … when people were shot here America never imposed sanctions.”

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  1. He stays near my uncle Julius Malema 25 minutes drive from my house

  2. Why not! Yes good move!

  3. We should side with no European power and instead create an African power of our own

  4. Absolutely so Malema! If S.A. have to take a side, then they should be on the side of Russia! WHY would S.A. do otherwise? Russia had supported S.A. through Apartheid! WHY would Arikana take sides with terrorists who have even killed many Afrikan leaders and black people!

  5. He is speaking the truth but still beware cause Russian s do not treat blacks very well in Russia

  6. I don't trust anything white. Yeah Russia may have sanctioned South African Apartheid but it could be out of jealousy. They probably wanted a piece of that African pie and was jealous of the British and the Dutch's involvements in South Africa. I say stay neutral and keep building. Don't every think any of them are on your side.

  7. I agree with the people 👍

  8. Understood Loud and Clear Malema, U.S was wrong, BUT BE CAREEEEEFUL OF THAT TROJAN'S HORSE that will be coming through your door AFTER you have served Putin's cause !!!!!

    I accept that that there is an Underlying AGENDA when it comes to any "Good Deed" done to providing so-called help to Melanated peoples !!

    Putin will stab his own mama in the back and gladly with a smile while doing it !

  9. As black people we need to stay out of this war on both sides.. They showed the world how they feel about black people. Blacks are in concentration camps and detention centers in Poland bc they fled Ukraine.

  10. Agenda about Putin,that is Russians are like Vamps and Wolfs to take over Africa, i am just saying.

  11. Sister Wongel,
    He is correct.
    Much Respect
    R. Mack
    An Elder

  12. Same thing East Europe did after world war 2.. Look how that worked out..I don't agree

  13. Let me buy some Russian vodka this week

  14. Africa shouldn't side with any of them. Africa needs to be on its own side. Beating the drum of communist marxist smurf revolution isn't going to get you there.

  15. Black nations should say… NOT OUR BUSINESS. Both sides will exploit Africa

  16. Correct I've been saying this from the start of the conflict. Only feds and Black people who don't know anything think Africa should stand alone and say nothing. Nah, they should be siding with Russia.

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