South Africa presents arguments accusing Israel of 'genocidal acts' in Gaza at the ICJ

South Africa is to present its argument during a public hearing against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), accusing it of committing actions in Gaza that are “genocidal in character” against the Palestinian population.


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  1. I was afraid that the world dindt react to such agression against palestinians.
    Now South África shows to the wolrd a great exemple of solidarity and justice.

    May good bless South África and Palestine.

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  3. Now justice only belongs to God… If we don't respect this issue… I'm sure that tomorrow the rules will no longer be respected… This is a clear example… Violations of international human rights by the international court are unfair. The world will be chaotic, zonk rules

  4. The ICJ RULES in favor of RSA. The court will uphold the RSA filing & investigate the matter (meaning it has merits) accord'ly. In exercising the order, there'll have to be a CEASEFIRE or Israel will run counter to the ruling. A huge win (landmark) for RSA & Israel MUST abide.

  5. South Africa is not serious at all. You leave life degrading issue in your country then you here wasting precious time on matter that is nit significant to South Africa and African at large.
    We gave had war in Somalia, Congo, Sudan and other dictatorship around Africa what have we done? Could South Africa use such energy to bring sanity to Africa yes, but you rather waste time and energy on frivolous issues that have no bearing on the masses that are unemployed in South Africa and the poor livelihood in parts of South Africa which also includes security fragility in the country.
    Africans we need to rethink and be strategic.

  6. On October 7, 5,000 missiles launched by Hamas for Israel, many of them fell in Gaza due to lack of technology. This was an attack without telling how it happened in Israel. If real Palestinians want peace, they must abandon Hamas, which diverts humanitarian aid that belongs to them and places it in our children's bedrooms, encourage them to play a musical instrument immediately, and raise a leader who will fight for peace in the Middle East. Then we can see a period of peace.

  7. South Africa Genocide – 486 260 South Africans were murdered between 1994 and 2017.

    Fifty-eight people died in South Africa today. And yesterday. And tomorrow, 58 more will die. I am not talking about Covid-19 (Coronavirus) deaths. I am referring to the number of murdered people.

    With about 2500 deaths so far, world stock exchange prices have declined remarkably – described by some as the worst since the 2008 financial crisis, with some investors fearing an imminent worldwide recession.

    Why, despite not one case of Covid-19 in South African at the time of writing, is everyone in the country on high alert while many South Africans and the government remain unconcerned about the scourge of murder that far, far outweighs the Covid-19 threat?

    BusinessTech reported that the UN Office on Drugs and Crime’s July 2019 report said more than 486 260 South Africans were murdered between 1994 and 2017.

  8. I 🙏🏽 pray 🙏🏽 for all. Appreciate this “unfiltered” and “non-edited” session shared here. Posting here allows each of us to listen then come to our own conclusions without TV / Mass Media Talk Show Types dominating any narratives.

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