Something New (2006): Kenya and Brian Flirt

Something New (2006): Kenya and Brian Flirt

Kenya (Sanaa Lathan) and Brian (Simon Baker) flirt over takeout and wine. From the interracial…


  1. Nbs I never seen this movie yet but my mom told me about it because I’m currently in a situation where I met this Half white half Filipino guy and because I never dated outside my race it makes me skeptical so I understood her she was just being honest with him

  2. Brian is TOO sexy!! I would gladly accept him. OMG!

  3. Some of us have to work harder just to stay in the game !!!! So accurate for us !!!!!and we have to look the part see how she is so classy on the couch with her wine , I’m taking notes 📝

  4. Before there was Michonne and Rick there was Kenya and Brian. #richonne

  5. I saw this movie wayyyy long back over 10 years ago and I loved it sooo so much. Their pairing and chemistry was amazing and I loved this couple. That last line about the making hard earth bloom was totally a metaphor for her. She was hard and stoic when she met him, but after fallin for him she bloomed.

  6. He is divorced sanna go get him

  7. "I'm just a landscaper. I take hard earth and make things bloom". I love you Blair Underwood, but Simon Baker came through in this role #frfr

  8. She happen to prefer black men? Well sis, send him over. I happen to prefer white men. 😩👌🏽💕

  9. Brian was fineeee, he could've found another sister that would've accepted Him gladly lol

  10. I never knew Simon Baker wasn't an American actor.

  11. Man the vibes in this scene! It makes you want to go on a dreamy date! 💖

  12. I have not watched this movie in forever. The romance in this movie is everything.

  13. I have to watch this movie now❤️🥰

  14. I’ve seen this movie several times, and I just don’t understand WHY he was attracted to her. She is beautiful, but she was so unpleasant and cold towards everyone — parents, brother and friends and she treated this guy terribly throughout most of the movie.

  15. Black women always turning down white men and going with black men but for years Black men been dating white women.

  16. I need to see this film again

  17. Oh Oh Watch Out! "I take hard earth and make things bloom." Yes they have great chemistry together in this film.

  18. Another fav of mine. Sanaa and Simon have tremendous chemistry. Love it !❤️Great video.

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