Somaliland – A trip through Somalia

Somaliland – A trip through Somalia

After leaving Djibouti by land across the Somaliland border, the voyage continues in this videos…


  1. And they are happy with that , the westerners have wealth and rich houses and they still commit suicide .

  2. omg is this somaliland ?it's so ugly

  3. @KINGZ44four @Blacktolite LOL at all the delusional Isaacs thinking Somaliland is a separate country. The U.N won't even let you get independence, Miskeen. And even if the do we will teach you a lesson 🙂 

  4. @abdullahi moh khayre
    fuck you and ogaden we will not die for cagdheer again never ever again over my dead body mate

  5. On another note Alhamdulah we have a great country with loads of potential Alhamdulilah if only we can adjust out attitudes cnt wait to return inshaa'Allah

  6. Islam discourages disunity,nationalism fosters it.

  7. Long live Somaliland there is not going to be reconciliation its too late to for that

  8. We have the same goals and it is to make pur contry great and That our children get edicatiuon and make Somalia great

  9. Somaliland is the same as Somalia . There is no diffrence at all Its just dum people That say somaliland is a contry. We must United and Get back the ogaden from the eithopiens my brothers and sisters.

  10. Beautiful Video ! I'm Realy Glad My Homeland Somaliland … Thanks Kiliparrot For Sharing .. Allah protect Somaliland

  11. 02:24 if anyone know that man just let me I just want to help him!…Somaliland ha noolaato!

  12. damn waqooyi galbaad is dry as hell…. I think the water is imported from Ethiopia or Arabia because the dry land cant feed 1 million ppl

  13. Micheal Sazhin is a very smart guy, he filmed the most relevant places in Somaliland and gave an acurate account of a country that survived a civil war and is yet to be given recognition.

  14. He only filmed the rough neighbourhoods lol still good job , and by the way Somaliland and Somalia are 2 separate countries 🙂

  15. Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed. I was worried when I was spending a ton of time putting this together that nobody would even care.

  16. beautiful ! thanks for sharing Kiliparrot.

  17. Why do the White PPl cont take photo from the beautiful places of the Afrian countries, their photo just captures only the weed areas in Africa , but when the matter is in America or Europe or some other country in the west the situation is different how they photograph…what a stupid racism ????????????

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