So THIS Is Why People Can't Stand Taye Diggs

So THIS Is Why People Can't Stand Taye Diggs

Taye Diggs was the up-and-coming heartthrob when he starred in How Stella Got Her Groove Back in…


  1. He wasn’t bullied by black kids because of his skin😂 he was bullied because of his condescending and know it all, I’m better than you attitude. He thinks he’s too good to be black.

  2. Can’t lie he right about Barack 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. Tay is weird! Like just enjoy life and stop worrying about all this black and white identity issues. It’s quite annoying

  4. Black people we do the most..Taye seems down to earth and we are SOOOOOOOO quick to judge smh

  5. It's sad to see a "man bow" to pressure to fed his family but it has come to this. Now he doing exactly what they do to our young kids off the playground. He chose his social circles. He chose white people. Right now he showing off for the cameras like he is black face so he can be accepted the black community. It's a failure on multiple levels. ✌🏽

  6. That's exactly mad your ass confused. They social in two different locations.

  7. man let people be happy in their life decisions! people are so judgmental about interracial relationships. love is love people. open your minds people its 2022!

  8. Taye should've just kept his mouth closed and let his work speak.

  9. I didn't even know he did all that ,but he started rubbing me the wrong way, I don't care what anyone says this is just my opinion anytime black people go white they never quit right spiritual, off balance somehow we all see it we think it ,we just live with it ,but who knows? No one knows the works of the earth, but the Earth is naturally balanced ,I choose to move with her

  10. All these comments about how mean and arrogant he is. Makes you wonder if his relationship with apryl is a hoax to change his image… especially in the black community…all the goofing off and acting they do on social media

  11. But you know his ig has been funny lately 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. So let me understand this. This ninja really have a problem with us and blame us for his self hate. Boy bye I will never ever support you.

  13. I'm rooting for Taye Diggs ❤️We as blacks gotta stop acting like black ppl dating outside their race is disrespectful or signs of self hate (labels)…No black girl wanted him in school yet all of a sudden as an adult and now dark skinned brothers are the attraction he can't date outside the race?! 🤣I know not all ladies are the same,I'm sure a black girl or 2 thought he was awesome in his own way…but sadly none was there to show him that at the time…No different than a villains story who was forced into a villain role at a young age because the so called "innocent" ppl kept chastizing them for no reason at all…They too had no one to show him not everyone is bad ppl…

    It's a trope thats not getting old anytime soon…Blacks aren't the only ones who go through this by the way,every race has a problem with interracial couples…So why do we make ours out to be as bad as 9/11?

  14. about two years back I was at my job bartending and taye diggs came in. He tipped me and each bartender $500 each. I love him.

  15. Taye Diggs and Slim Thug’s preferences may have them. The sooner the better. They get the same bm bw get. Taye Diggs’ beautiful and talented ex-wife has talked about him. SMH

  16. Taye Diggs is a talented but personally unpleasant performer who built a successful career primarily pandering to bw. He apparently likes to disrespect his fans. A very popular 1980’s-1990’s era actor, Micheal J. Fox 🦊 once caught his bodyguards/staff rudely shooing away his screaming 😱 fans. Micheal immediately stopped them and stated that his fans are his bread 🥖 and butter 🧈 and they were not to be mistreated. He smiled at his fans, took pictures with them, signed autographs, etc. Unfortunately, Parkinson Disease forced Micheal to retire from his then hit tv 📺 show. During the civil trial between Johnny Deep and Amber Heard, Johnny’s fans were waiting for him at the Court House, there are several pictures of him, smiling, greeting and waving at his fans. He even apologized to his fans for not being in Court on the final of the trial because he had a gig in Europe. I heard that Disney is now going to make another Pirates 🏴‍☠️ of the Caribbean movie 🍿. Moral to the story: Take care of your fans and your fans will take care of you. Don’t be a jerk.

  17. I think this channel is stupid

  18. It is true that black people are harsher on their own people. Crabs in a bucket is a real thing

  19. More than likely, it did have a negative impact on his career. But, ultimately I didn't see anything wrong with what he said because he is entitled to his own opinion, which dare I say, was not far from the mark. People hate hearing the raw truth.

  20. Yes indeed it did. Our people are so damaged that we send our children around colonizers school and culture , thinking that it would give us a better education, chances in life, etc. But, it confuses us and as we try to fit into their colonizers culture. My mother did the same, but, I always had a deep sense of African love and pride. He is lost and don't know that even the black children that tease him was apart of the making of a slave hatred for each other. He compromised his heritage when he united his genes with the recessive genes of the colonizers. That poor attempt of a video to redeem himself, is acting like a Blackman instead of just being a black man and embracing your Divine Culture and Heritage. Another misguided warriors.

  21. There is a lot of work that needs to be done. There are different levels of racism and prejudices that affect people

  22. Ugh…I can’t wait until the day comes when we are all a lighter shade of brown and people are 1. No longer identified by color (we don’t call Asians yellow…so why are we still calling caucasians white and african decent black. 2. I can’t wait until people actually take the time to get to know a person until they make a judgement call about who they are and what they think.
    Racism runs too hot in every culture, and this video is just another stick in the fire. I know black folks that are just as trashy as white folks. Class isn’t decided by color, it’s decided by attitude. Stop being small.

  23. Nope, not really his comments. I think the way he engages with his fans has hurt him. He is incredibly rude and dismissive.

  24. Oh Taye. You’re so silly.

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