Smokey brown naked beat X transformation 🔥🤎#darkskin #makeuptutorial

Smokey brown naked beat X transformation 🔥🤎#darkskin #makeuptutorial

love the support you all have been giving me thank you so much 😘 I will most definitely put…


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  1. ❤️❤️❤️ This is beautiful. I love how detailed you are in your videos, especially with your technique and product use. Not to mention all the different skin tones you show. I really appreciate your videos. Thank you.

  2. I liked it but I just feel like you can’t keep saying off camera you did this and that. Like how is someone supposed to follow the tutorial if you doing steps off camera. Especially a beginner.

  3. The ads for this video is trifling af.

  4. Absolutely Beautiful but where she get that wig from 💕💕

  5. this video make me feel like i could do mines…now you got me started

  6. What brushes did you use ??

  7. Do your clients have to come in with their eyebrows arched already?

  8. When you sculpted her nose and cheeks, which laura mercier powder did you use?? It looks like you used medium deep but i’m not forsure.

  9. Definitely had to subscribe I’ve been wanting to learn how to do my own face being a dark skin girl… thank you💕

  10. She’s beautiful and her makeup came out GREAT🎉. I love how you simply explained everything while doing her makeup as well. Straight to the point . I have worn makeup in years and love to apply the bare minimum. When I was pregnant in 2018 my face became really dark. I’m going to try the Nars foundation that’s mentioned..❤

  11. Listen Lashay. You eat every single timeee 🥹🫡👏🏾

  12. The model is beautiful

  13. This looks bomb and the model is absolutely gorgeous ❤

  14. This little girl is crazy beautiful with no make up!!!

  15. you have taught me soooo much!! I’ll never not watch ANY of your videos 😭😍 i hope God sends Jt & Yung Miami your way!!!!

  16. girl I learned from your technique

  17. Absolutely stunning 😍

  18. Obsessed with this look.

    1. I'm a new subscriber. I love how down to earth you are.
    2. This beat was so effortless. Buying all the products so I can make it my new everyday look!

    Thank you ❤

  19. What brushes are you using?

  20. What kinda lashes? I thoroughly enjoyed and going to try this

  21. Hey lashay can you do a video on cleaning your brushes ❤️

  22. Your model is stunning 😍 sooo beautiful

  23. New and obsessed! 😍

  24. i need the eyelashes link????

  25. Ohh bae you in Miami!?! Do you offer classes?

  26. She looks absolutely Gorgeous! Thanks for the tips as well.

  27. I just did this look on myself it turned out really nice I just need to practice a bit more especially the very end where you structured the face. I’m not a professional but will keep working on that technique. Beautiful 🤎

  28. Okay but the background music is fire

  29. Hi sorry to bother but would you be willing to do a review on my products it is makeup and skin care. Thank you so much for your time and consideration

  30. Your work is impeccable and she is flawless and she was working that camera 😍

  31. I suck at makeup but imma attempt this on myself I wanna be a bad bitch this year lol

  32. What blush did you use ?

  33. Beautiful I love everything about this tutorial

  34. she’s A fucking DOLL 😍😭 you are dat!!!!!

  35. Damn the model went from beautiful (without make up) …to ewwwww. Wtf yall doing. 😆

  36. She’s the perfect model. Great clear skin. Don’t look like she blinks. And her facial expression like “yeah girl get me together” lol.

  37. I'm taking my first photoshoot with my daughter and I am going to try this eyeshadow look. Thanks for the beat tutorial!!

  38. Beautiful. What lashes are these?

  39. the DUO lash glue hack is the TRUTH! thank you for realness in this tutorial, best one I've seen in a minute

  40. Bomb! She’s beautiful too

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